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How to tell If you're using a proper OBD/DCAN cable


How to tell If you're using a proper OBD/DCAN cable

1 How to tell If you're using a proper OBD/DCAN cable

Hi Guys,

as I have some funny days with lots of head scratching laying behind me, I thought why not share my findings here, to save anyone using xHP or similar flashtool from the same headache.

Regardless what tool you're using for flashing or reading your ECU's you always get recommended to buy a "proper" INPA cable. Usually one is told that "proper" cables costs around 60 - 100 USD.

I bought cables from various (and well known) sources the last years with prices ranging from 40 - 80 EUR. But as I discovered today (with the help of a macro lens), expensive doesn't make you safe when it comes to OBD/INPA cables with FTDI Chips.

Look at the pictures in the zip file:

Besides from the fake one being apparantly "kissed" by the solder gun, you can clearly see the different refinement levels of the engravement on top. Additionally the housing itself appears to be "rougher" on the fake one. Please see the additional link for more information on that.

The fake cable worked quite reliable for reading fault codes and logging stuff, but failed nearly every time when it came to flashing.

So even If you bought from a trusted source, maybe you want to open up the cable (usually only 4 screws) and take a detailed look at the soldered FTDI chip.

P.S. I have 2 of these fake cables from the same source at home, and even the one that's not damaged does not nearly work as good, as the genuine one.

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