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  1. aus335iguy
    aus335iguy [email protected]
    Hi mate I’m looking for F30 Msport replacement discs. 370mm Front and basically an e60 disc rear but with a different offset. There are tons of people who are using these as retrofit do you have an email address I can send some stuff to?
    1. John@DBV2
      [email protected]
      Feb 16, 2018 at 9:31 AM
  2. luchocamp
    F30 335xi MSport Speedtech stg 3 + PTF + luchojb4 going 10 sec e.t. daily driving in 2018
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    2. doublespaces
      I really like the value of the speedtech kit
      Feb 14, 2018
  3. delcbr
    If you ain’t having fun what you living for?
  4. doublespaces
    Happy Holidays, stay safe on the road!
  5. NiftyFiftyFour
    '09 135i M sport | Space Grey/coral red | FBO MHD E60 |
  6. Cheezy
    Ugh not being able to get to the parts in my garage is killing me. Im so anxious!
  7. Snertz
  8. Twisted Tuning
    Twisted Tuning
    Increasing the Area Under The Curve
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  9. 1and1
    Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool... Shootin' some b-ball outside of the school
  10. soawesomeman
    Setting up home garage as workshop. Dreaming about a two post hydraulic lift…
  11. Shane303
    I said a boom chicka boom!
  12. doublespaces
    doublespaces Shane303
    Guys, over on the left side of a profile there is a blue button that says "Start a Conversation". If you're on mobile, you have to scroll down a little bit. This is the equivalent to a PM, except you can edit your messages etc since its just a private thread. You can also invite other users to that conversation as well. Posting on someone's profile page is public and everyone can see it, just FYI.
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  13. 135boost
    135boost Shane303
    Hi Shane. i got similair issue with my 135 and tune. do you know what caused that 29F1 fault code on your tune ?
  14. Begood69
    Begood69 MFactory
    Hi, is that cf 335i pre-order list still on? I would like one. Could u add me to it too please
  15. JuniorB
    Logic7,sirus,and CCC install soon
  16. cnuyen
    Looking for friends with lots of Tech knowledge to share mine with.
  17. RussanFabs
    Causing hood shenanigans and enjoying burnt tires
  18. JuniorB
    M5 OEM suspension parts, 550 interior upgrades, nitrous for go.. n54 swap in the works.
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  19. Aaron_335i
    ISO N54 Charge Pipe (Aftermarket)
  20. byCloudNine
    waiting for this stock block to break ;)