Vendor Rules

These are the rules imposed upon vendor accounts on the forum.

SpoolStreet Vendor Rules

  1. A vendor may not have more than one account per member of their organization
  2. A vendor may not ask someone else to post comments for them.
  3. A vendor may not make any derogatory or negative remarks about another vendor while simultaneously blocking them.
  4. A vendor may not enter a fellow vendor thread and criticize or detract from the subject of discussion by expressing differing opinions or other acts which are not positive. Any posts doing so will be moved to the dispute/complaints section. An exception to this is when the OP vendor references another vendor. In this case, the referenced vendor may reply with their defense, but nothing beyond that scope.
  5. A vendor may criticize, complain or even raise accusations directed at other vendors, but only within the Complaints/Disputes section of the forum.
  6. A vendor may NOT ask for payment via the ‘gift’ or ‘friends and family’ feature of PayPal.
  7. A vendor may not exhibit ‘toxic’ behavior toward other vendors or members. Any communication must be conveyed in a professional manner.
  8. A vendor may not ask to have a post edited or deleted in their favor. SpoolStreet staff will not edit the body of a post to change its meaning.
  9. A vendor post in violation of any of these rules may be moved to our Off-Topic section or alternatively the vendor may be contacted and their post hidden from public view until the post can be brought into compliance.
  10. If a vendor party believes the actions of another vendor or non-vendor member are damaging and do not fall within the protections of this rule set, we recommend and expect said vendor party to begin the pursuit of legal action through the means of a restraining order, injunction or other applicable methods and to present us with the paperwork for consideration of amendments to these rules and for taking emergency intervention.

These rules become a guideline in our Dispute|Octagon|Off-Topic section. A vendor thread is considered a promotional thread started by a vendor or by an admin on a vendor's behalf.
Feb 6, 2018
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