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6AT Oil Cooler Fittings

Heat transfer delete for aftermarket oil cooler setup.

  1. Omar@VaderSolutions
    We all know that these 6HP21 auto transmission are very particular when it comes to putting down power , there are a lot of variables that will cause these transmission to fail prematurely especially when making double the horsepower from the factory. Heat is one of the variables which is a vital part of a long lasting transmission l. Thanks to Jason at Propulsive Dynamics we have been given a great opportunity to improve this aspect of the transmission, unfortunately he does not sell these anymore. With his permission I am now machining fittings that will allow for an aftermarket oil cooler setup for your auto trans which will delete the stock heat transfer. My fittings will be a little different , it will have 1/8npt provisions on them for custom fan setup on the core. The dash fitting is 8AN. I will be selling for $100 for a set which includes 2 fittings. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. IMG_3139.JPG