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New 2007 - LUX H8 180 Angel Eyes - JUST RELEASED!!! - ON SALE! $199.00

LUX Angel Eyes

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    NEW for 2017
    Introducing, the successor to the LUX H8 160, the LUX H8 180 LED Angel Eyes!!! These pure white angel eyes replacements offer a clean updated look to make your BMW more closely resemble the newer model cars. The LUX H8 180 design utilizes 8 of the newest Cree LED's to offer unmatched brightness to both the inner and outer angel eyes.


    LUX H8 180 angel eyes produce an incredible 3600 lumen of pure white 7000k light, the halogen equivalent of 180 watts! By comparison, the stock 35 watt halogen bulb receives only 80-90% power, and then drops to 50% power when the headlights are on.

    LUX H8 180 angel eyes have been designed to compensate for this dimming and always operate at full power, allowing them to be highly visible in virtually all the daytime conditions. Other angel eyes can't even compare.

    When locking the car, the the LUX will pulse off rather than fade. In addition, LUX LED bulbs use a fraction of the power of stocks, allowing them to run cooler and have a longer lifespan. The LUX H8 180 have a glass shield covering the LEDs to protect them against potential install damage.