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"Virginize" Used Cluster for retrofit (Stock or M3)

"Virginize" used stock or M3 Cluster

  1. Levanime
    If you need to install used cluster, either it is stock or M3, first you need the cluster to be "Virginized".

    It means mileage and VIN code stored in the replacement cluster need to be deleted before installing on car, otherwise, if replacement clusters mileage is more then cars, you will have higher of them, and if VIN number is not deleted you will have tampering dot next to mileage.

    We can "Virginize" your replacement cluster. You will need to send it to us, and we will send it back next business day (when USPS is open)

    We can also change background color of the cluster, for more info, pics and video please see https://bmw.spoolstreet.com/shop/e90-e92-e60-cluster-mod-white-background-light.44/