1. Mterkait

    MAF-less Tuned

    Hello everyone, I've docrace 6266 on my F30 n55 ( 2013 PWG ) since 2018, and the driveability is not smooth although no Codes or anything. my BEF supposed to be MAFless tune but AFR jumps randomly at low throttle, not sure if there is something wrong during the installation or something else...
  2. V

    N54 6266 pump gas 93oct dyno

    I stopped being lazy and wrote my 93 octane winter / road trip tune. Peep the video for all the turbo noises: 510 whp / 459 wtq SAE The dyno had a minor hiccup with speed signal on the 510 run. No clue why, literally the only run where it happened. 20 psi, 7.5* timing. AFRs 11.9-12.1 up...
  3. V

    I pushed a 6266... dyno sheet inside

    I finally got my single turbo running right a few days ago. Yesterday the car went back on the dyno, I hooked up my laptop and and sent it. Mod list: Gen2 6266 dbb, Doc Race turbo kit NTK pre-turbo O2 sensors with Innovate Motorsports venturi heat sinks DIY twin 450 LPFP, 15 psi hobbs MMP Gen1...
  4. Philipcrow_stn54

    Phil3, Precision Turbo E90.

    Car is a 2007 e90 335i with the n54 motor, automatic trans. Was purchased stock with 97k miles 2 years ago. Slowly began modding it up to a fbo car running e60 fuel. Turbos began to leak and smoke so recently I did a conversion to a top mounted Precision 6266 1.0ar turbo, with 2 Tial wastegates...