1. S


    All BMW general coding, including features such as Apple carplay activation✅- idrive 5/6 only, Can be done full screen or split screen depending on your firmware. Video in motion, Audible locking, M sport boot up logo, Auto fold mirrors, Seat belt beeps, Etc. Please message me or phone me for...
  2. T

    FS 2010 BMW X5 M

    2010 BMW X5 M On Ebay
  3. T

    FS 2017 BMW X5 M

    2017 BMW X5 M On Ebay
  4. T

    FS BMW 17x8 BBS Style 5 OEM Wheels E30 M3 2 Piece BBS RC090

    BMW 17x8 BBS Style 5 OEM Wheels E30 M3 2 Piece BBS RC090 On Ebay
  5. T

    FS 2007 BMW X5

    2007 BMW X5 On Ebay
  6. T

    FS 2016 BMW X5 X5M

    2016 BMW X5 X5M On Ebay
  7. C

    CA Who is in nor cal?

    New to Bmw always see a few guys with modded 1 and 3 series in Sacramento.who else is around?
  8. gmagnus7

    Exhaust theory on N54 & turbos in general

    I wanted to talk exhaust theory and get some opinions from people: I've been reading a lot on these forums and it seems that most people are content with the stock exhaust (modified or not) or go with single 3" systems. This kind of bothered/confused me because I always read that the lower the...
  9. T

    FS 2001-2006 BMW M3 E46 Set of 4 19x9.5" Wheels 10 Spoke Front Rear Staggered

    2001-2006 BMW M3 E46 Set of 4 19x9.5" Wheels 10 Spoke Front Rear Staggered On Ebay
  10. Modifyit

    PROMO Carbon Fiber BMW Parts. Interior, Exterior and Accessories

    Hello ladies and gents, I'll start off by introducing myself and my company to you all first and foremost. My name is Eric, I've created a brand and company called "Modify it" that caters to all of our BMW enthusiasts! I've noticed the void in our community for quality carbon parts and great...
  11. Carl Balzer


    *I'm going to preface this by letting you know that I was chose to test the first ever VRSF HD Core intercooler for the N55 F10. Since this intercooler has not been officially released yet, I can not share the pictures of it. Once Tiago and VRSF does their official release, I will update with...
  12. T

    FS BMW M3 E46 19" 8j-et47 / 9.5j-et27 WHEELS Staggered genuine

    BMW M3 E46 19" 8j-et47 / 9.5j-et27 WHEELS Staggered genuine On Ebay
  13. DaddyBoost


    Hello guys. Lets say I have DAMOS for MSS60 E90/E92 M3s. I am willing to share but if someone can help put those into XDF or XML format. Also have DAMOS for A LOT of ECUs, including FERRARI ETC. So let me know if we can work something out :)
  14. A

    Fortune Auto 500 Install - DIY

    What's up everyone. I wound up getting rid of the air ride and as I am taking my car in a different direction. I went ahead and ordered some Fortune Auto 500 coils with 8k and 11k Swift Springs, locking collars, and radial bearings. Here is the first part of the video of me doing an unboxing...
  15. Joe

    FS Get these "Part out" of my garage

    Fuel-IT Stage 3 - Bucket/Pump assembly. No supporting hardware Upgraded to Stage 4. $300 + shipping SOLD PI injectors, $20/ea + shipping. Bought a bunch of used injectors as spares before I upgraded to new 750cc. DP fix (2 available). Both used, both for sale as I no longer require...
  16. Carl Balzer

    N55 Pure Turbo Stage 2 Group Buy!

    Alright guys. If you were ever on the fence about getting a Pure Stage 2, NOW IS THE TIME!!! This group but is open to all N55 Pure Stage 2 turbos regardless of chassis. This group is for 10x N55 PS2 @ 15% off!!! With packages ranging from $2,500 -$3,000, this could mean up to $500 off! Who...
  17. PTF

    OBD Unlock [No bench unlock Required] *** bootmod3 New Feature Release for the S55

    Hey everyone, happy to announce general availability of the bootmod3 OBD unlock feature :sunglasses: It is now available to anyone with an S55 without restrictions. Details on OBD unlock as well as the recently released offline flasher can be found in our earlier thread here...
  18. PTF

    bootmod3 New Feature Release *** OBD Unlock and OFFLINE Flasher ***

    Hey guys, some great news we're really happy to share with everyone of the new BM3 features. OBD Unlock and the new OFFLINE Flasher (flashing without the need for internet, similar to Spotify downloaded songs you can play offline) features are now live in a wider closed beta. If you’d like to...
  19. arsenalmse


    Arsenal Motorsports Black Friday Special! Save 10% on final price on all built engines! Offer is good until Nov. 30th! Message me for information on what we offer or our process!