1. R

    Single turbo Doc Race Motiv boost box and mac solenoid (MHD)

    Hey guys I´m new on the page, I am on the procces of making my 135i n54 09 to doc race st 6266, i have doubts about how the motiv boost box works with the mhd, and how is connected the mac solenoid to the wastegates So how do I use the MHD to control the Motiv Boost Box or does it control...
  2. ldefeogtr

    FS 2008 VM Single Turbo e92 - Low Miles - Clean Title in Hand

    Hey guys. I'm not really in a rush to sell it, but life and other circumstances are forcing me to re-evaluate my current situation. Please no crazy low offers. I stand to make absolutely nothing from selling and I am at a loss overall considering all the money I put into it after I bought it. I...
  3. blisstik

    Boost Box and ADV Sensor Issues

    I recently switched to Boost Box and got a base ACN 91 map running on WG spring (~14.5psi). I am getting some codes (2C3D, 2C3E, 2CAA, 2CAB) relating to both front O2s. Those are ADV sensors that I had no problem with JB4. The map given to me had N20 tmap, tables for ADV so none of those were...
  4. chrisdfv

    Single Turbo Boostbox Tuning

    I've been deep into this topic recently and discovered that there's not much information out there so I wanted to create a place where people that self tune can have a discussion on the topic. I'm using a boostbox V3 to tune my car, and have only began tuning at the moment. I enjoy the...