1. V

    SOLD Injectors PI Spec 3+ Mfactory Flywheel Starter

    Index 12s w/ 13k miles - $300 for set of 3 MMP gen1 PI - $400 Complete minus controller. Injectors verified good with no excessive trim deviations. Put down 786 whp maxed out M factory single mass flywheel - sold Spec 3+ clutch (works w OE flywheel) - sold Clutch and flywheel have 33k. Held 28...
  2. Cornfed54

    FS Good OeM turbos/ barely used clutch/dmfw

    I’ve got stock turbos, approx 50kmiles on them, also for sale is a luk clutch kit minus TOB and luk dmfw. The clutch is almost new condition, approx 1,500-2k miles, zero launches and the car wasn’t even tuned during the time this clutch was in. Turbos are in good shape, they ran stock boost...
  3. Midshift

    Clutch Decisions

    Hello all, I've tried to do some research to answer my questions before resorting to creating a thread and feeling like I am beating a dead horse... but with all of the new information/products that are constantly being updated I felt as though reaching out for some help would be my best bet...
  4. TurboMike

    Spec 3+ clutch or Mfactory twin disk clutch

    Going single turbo with the doc 6766 kit. Also decided to upgrade clutch while doing this as I'd only burn out the act 6 puck I have in now (565tq rating) quickly. I see there's has been problems with the spec twin disk not lasting which worries me about spending the money on the twin disk...