drag racing

  1. SJ_1989

    Gold Standard of Weight Reduction - E90 on a Diet

    So the time has come to start weighing the car since round 1 of fab work is now complete! I thought 2700 lbs race weight without a driver was a bold goal when Efab Motorsports and I started down this path of extreme weight reduction. I think it is very possible this is the lightest E90 that...
  2. Panzerfaust

    Technical Weight savings, accesory deletes, etc

    Hey guys, just wondering if we could get a thread rolling on what weight savings and "deletes" you've done or are available for our N54 cars and if the info is available, the amount of weight savings or a DIY if it's a more in-depth thing, etc. This thread is spurred on by a few things; 1...
  3. SJ_1989

    N54/E90 6MT Daily Turned Dedicated Drag Build

    *** Updated build sheet 2019-10-31 *** OK I lied.....it's never been my daily but I haven't driven it much in the past 3 years so decided to turn it into a dedicated track car. I needed a hobby anyway lol. Background Bought the car in 2012 and went full bolt ons over the next few years. Last...
  4. DAVE

    15" wheels worth it?

    OK guys, I'm currently running 245/40/18 Hoosier drag radials and to be honest I'm not that happy with them. With my old M&H drag radials in the same size I was able to pull a best of 1.67 60'. With these the best I have been able to get is a high 1.7 on a great day. Most of the time I am...
  5. M

    Ad: New Vendor - DC Speed for Forgestar Wheel Sales

    Hey everyone! I am a new vendor here from a small shop in OC, California. We are starting off small and specializing in Forgestar wheel sales currently. We have very competitive pricing and also offer ceramic coating services on new sets of wheels. Forgestar also has a rebate offer going on...