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  1. R

    FS OEM BMW M3 wheel with paddle cutouts for sale

    Genuine OEM BMW M3 steering wheel for sale. Came from an e90 with dct transmission so it has paddle cutouts! Asking 325 or best offer....(make me an offer!)
  2. matreyia

    Rear Axle Installer Tool - Found Finally.

    Anyone who needs to install the rear axles to the hub - I finally found the tool that fits the 335i e9x series rear axles that have 27x1.5 thread. You will need this tool to safely pull the axles back completely into the splines on the inside of the hub. BMW, Baum sells for hundreds of dollars...
  3. matreyia

    BimmerGeeks Cable and Navigation Update Package Review

    ----------BimmerGeeks Cable Review ------- If you are doing any flashing or computer related stuff to your car via the obd port, then do yourself a favor and get a BimmerGeeks cable. I was using an older Amazon bought cable that did the job most of the time - very slow speeds and unstable. I...
  4. B

    BMW 335i, 328i, M3 Wind Deflector

    New Condition BMW 335i, 328i, M3 Wind Deflector. Fits 2007- 2013 Its amazing how well these work! Now you can have the top down anytime its not raining. They eliminate turbulence & help the A/C or heat stay in the passenger area. The factory model doesn't require any any installation of after...
  5. matreyia

    SCHWABEN BMW Scanner - transmission adaptation tip

    If you own a Schwaben BMW Scanner from Foxwell Technologies, and you need to do the transmission reset procedure here are some details you should know. In the transmission settings under "service" or "control" section, there are two transmissions available. 1. 6HP19 - For anyone with the...