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  1. BMW 135i N55 | 3.5" LOUD turboback exhaust! - YouTube

    BMW 135i N55 | 3.5" LOUD turboback exhaust! - YouTube

    2013 BMW 135is N55 Black Market Racing 3.5" catback exhaust with custom down pipe (straight 3.5", no Y splits) MHD Tuning Injen Intake Evolution Racewerks FMIC
  2. hassan_hamdan

    Raspy Sound on Start up?

    Hey guys, so i wasnt to sure if this was normal or not, but everytime i start up my n54 135i (Bone stock atm), i get this lound raspy rattle in my exhaust. Only lasts for about a minuite or two until engine warms up, then its completely gone. To add more confusion to this all, if during the...
  3. hassan_hamdan

    E8X Quad exhaust with performance???

    Hey guys i wanted to ask on opinions for quad exhaust set up for the 135i. Im currently running a 09 135i which i am planing on building as a show car, however my personall philosophy is that if a car looks mean, it better drive mean, so while i throw my money at this to look great, i do want...
  4. B

    VRSF 07-11 N54 Down Pipes $225.00 Shipped

    Vrsf down pipes off my 2008 E93 with N54 In perfect shape. No dents or flange damage. Heat colored of course. $225.00 Shipped I live in Vancouver Canada. So I need a max of 2 weeks to make a trip across the border to ship. Text me @ Barry 604-561-5156