1. X

    MFactory DCT flywheel owners GET IN HERE

    I've seen that a lot of people purchased these flywheels to hypothetically eliminate the phantom knock when going above 18psi on a PS2 (N55 specifically). However, I've yet to see a single review or post proclaiming that this flywheel does prevent the phantom misfires. Who can speak to this...
  2. Twisted Tuning

    BMW X-Drive Front LSD Differential

    You Read it correctly. We are teaming up with @MFactory in our quest to further solidify the prior neglected X-Drive drivetrain found in our beloved BMW. We have worked with M-Factory in the past on Mazda oriented products and have had amazing results. So we are at it again. We already have...
  3. Cheezy

    E9X Future of Xdrive Drivetrain

    I often look to @[email protected]! 's build for information, as well as seeking information found in @Twisted Tuning 's posts. As i explore the options of strengthening the driveline of my car to handle more power, sometimes im left with questions from ideas i know im not the only one asking. Ive...
  4. TurboMike

    Spec 3+ clutch or Mfactory twin disk clutch

    Going single turbo with the doc 6766 kit. Also decided to upgrade clutch while doing this as I'd only burn out the act 6 puck I have in now (565tq rating) quickly. I see there's has been problems with the spec twin disk not lasting which worries me about spending the money on the twin disk...