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  1. MOSFETS Forever

    Misfire problem, Bank one Fuel trim

    Fellow N54 friends, I would like input and ideas. I'm new to the form and this problem is driving me insane. My car is currently experiencing a mixture control problem on bank 1 ONLY. Under boost stft will go to -32%, even under light acceleration. It is also Throwing corresponding misfire codes...
  2. Ztuck45

    Precision Raceworks coil failure?

    I’m looking for some insight. I recently developed a cylinder 6 and 5 misfire. Cylinder 6 was intermittent under load and cylinder 5 started misfiring intermittently as well but eventually became a constant misfire (Even at idle). I just started running full e85 after installing a double shotgun...
  3. Ztuck45

    Misfire issues (with precision coils)

    So I need some help. I've been having random misfires that I believe is originating from my spark plugs. I'm running the precision ignition system on e50 and usually 17-20psi. I had been using NGK 95770 gapped to .022 which worked fine for a while but I started getting random misfires under...
  4. Ztuck45

    Precision Raceworks Ignition Upgrade DIY

    Hey guys I just installed the Precision Ignition upgrade on my car. I'm super happy with how the car feels now. I was getting crazy misfires before and somewhat of a rough idle but it runs mint now! I'm also working with EMP tuning so I can get the most power out of it. I made a DIY with some...