1. mb21111

    FS RB Turbo Next Gen Plus

    For sale is my set of RB Next Gen Plus Turbo chargers for the E60/E61/E8X. I originally purchased these turbos with their supporting hardware (oil drains etc) new for over $3500. The turbos were in my car for approximately 1500-2000 miles, after which I noticed a low boost issue. I sent both...
  2. PIST_N54

    MMP BOV Garbage

    If this is the wrong area to post this, please correct me. I'm usually not one to post on the forums but this is an issue. I have been seeing a few horror stories of MMP products basically blowing up motors and the guys there are blaming it on other things with no fault of their own. I bought an...
  3. Blackarrow335i

    SOLD MMP‘s 1k‘s

    MMP’s 1k’s for sale! Turbos just came back from MMP from a rebuild (both front & rear turbo), Reason for the rebuild was my car was down lost a engine and figured good time to get the turbos freshen up and upgraded with the new MMP wheels (GT28 turbine) so you can be sure they have ZERO “0”...
  4. V

    FS Single turbo sale - MMP stage 3, oem parts

    "Went single turbo" sale - upgraded twins and OEM parts available MMP Stage 3 Turbos - rebuilt and under warranty until 02/2019 (SOLD) MMP stock location inlets and outlets (SOLD) VRSF relocation inlets BNIB not even the bags have been opened (200) VRSF downpipes (SOLD) RB high flow oil drains...
  5. S

    MMP Stage 3 Dyno - Daily Driven 30psi

    Good Morning from Korea, I just wanted to throw up some MMP Stage 3 results from this weekend. My great friend Ivan and I have been dialing in his car for the perfect daily driver tune. Well, here is the results on 30ish psi. Mods: MMP S3 Turbos MMP Outlet MMP Hot side inlets TwistedTuning...
  6. M

    What is the highest HP from all the hybrid turbos?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the highest HP that have been put down by all of the hybrid turbos that are out. RB(Original RB, RB Evo's, RB Super Evo's) Vargas(Stage 2, 2+, GC Lite, GC), Hexon (RR550,RR600,RR700), Pure Turbo S2, MMP Stage 3, and any other's I'm missing. Please...