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  1. matreyia

    Time to Replace Turbos - 2009 e93

    This morning, I was minding my own business and driving along when a Mustang 5.0 came by and asked to do a little racing, so I obliged and left him behind. Unfortunately, I looked down and realized temps were not yet 160F operating range. Felt a little slowdown/hesitation while WOT and RPMs...
  2. matreyia

    Technical Front End Noise and Reason Why Found - Belt and Pulleys

    I added the Improved Racing 185 F thermostat to replace the stock N54 thermostat and some oil must have dripped on the belts and pulleys or something. After re-assembly, there was a clicky swoosh swoosh noise in the front end. Visual inspection showed nothing abnormal. But I ordered new idler...
  3. Matilda335i

    Single Turbo Kit for e93 n54

    So, I want to single turbo my '09 e93 n54...but I find that I am already running into some issues with FBO because of lack of e93 things :( If anyone has any info or advice on what route I should take in order to single turbo and push 900+ hp! Currently just have just air intakes and...
  4. H

    FS BNIB Vargas VTT Shotgun Double Barrel HPFP N54 AT/DCT

    Brand New In Box; complete kit, never used or installed; most items still in original packaging. VTT modified fuel rail included so no hassling with and waiting for core return ($200). Please contact me if you have any questions. For most AT/DCT N54 powered cars, please confirm fitment to your...
  5. nahor

    WTB Complete

    Looking for an N54 downpipe fix. Any brand will work
  6. Seaneezy

    where the hell did my head tap fall?

    Hey everyone, I'm tapping my pcv ports and while loctiting my 3rd 10-32 socket screw i slipped it and it fell underneath the cam ledge. I tried grabbing it with my tweezers but somehow this $%#%er was slipping like butter and fell further in. I can no longer find it searching with my...
  7. PIST_N54

    MMP BOV Garbage

    If this is the wrong area to post this, please correct me. I'm usually not one to post on the forums but this is an issue. I have been seeing a few horror stories of MMP products basically blowing up motors and the guys there are blaming it on other things with no fault of their own. I bought an...
  8. GhassanAutomotive

    PROMO Remanufactured N54 Engines For Sale

    Buy the completely remanufactured BMW N54 engine from Ghassan Automotive for $3,495 that includes a two-year, unlimited miles, parts, and labor warranty. Ghassan Automotive wants to provide a stress-free and convenient experience. If you need a BMW engine replacement or want to upgrade the one...
  9. BOosted 335i

    335 shell with Turbo Toyota Engine

    Was at Poconos Raceway this past weekend, a handful of single turbo top mounts n54 cars there representing and were hitting some nice high mph,saw one in particular that hit 165,checked the car out and what I found was a Toyota engine,trans,top mount turbo.he was having problems with the car and...
  10. chrisdfv

    N54 Garrett GTW 6465(3884r) Dyno

    Threw the car on the dyno today since I hadn't done so since swapping my auto to manual transmission. Vi engineered top mount kit with a Garrett GTW 6465 BB turbo. E85 out of the pump. Content unverified, but it usually test at 85ish %. 100* degrees in the shop at the time of the dyno(summer in...
  11. D

    335i Mfactory LSD

    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has notice if they have gotten a clunk when putting the car in gear and when changing gears, i also have a bms diff brace
  12. Snelson3003

    Ad: NRW N54 FULL CARBON Engine Cover Pre-Sale Launch

    Hey Guys, Its been a long time since I've been engaged on this forum as I am usually busy with the general social media outlets. To be frank, if you reached me on any social media outlet I am working to catch up as I've been busy with making the items etc. So bear with me :) However I was...
  13. GEPTuned

    6HP28 on N54 by GEP

    Hello everyone my name is George Gelashvili i'm from Georgia Tbilisi I'd Like to share this info for forum members here, i think it will be useful for N54 Enthusiastics who love DIY stuff and non ordinary approaches for improving car performance. anyways: everything started from E90 335i AT...
  14. D

    Help With Misfire N54 FBO

    I have recently installed precision raceworks coils onto my N54 and have been getting misfires Im FBO excluding a cat back exhaust i also have 94 octane in the tank
  15. spoolzone

    GotTuned (POLAND) upgraded Twin Turbos / Stage 3 twin disc clutch (pics+video links) for my FBO e92 build

    Un-boxed my Stage 3 Twin Disc Clutch AND my Upgraded Twin Turbos recently from GotTuned all the way in Poland. Very exited to try these out. Clutch looks like something you might find out of a spaceship :tearsofjoy: Figured I'd check out what the Euro market was up to since most build I know of...
  16. typedRew

    Secondary O2 sensors, tuned, still needed?

    On my last car, even though the 2nd cat codes were turned 'off' I needed the o2 sensor installed and plugged in to maintain proper fuel trims, not only did it need to be there but it could not be in a 'extended o2 tricker' housing. Had to be in the exhaust flow directly. I would get +12%-+18%...
  17. thegriffen

    HPFP Question

    Greetings! I have an N54 that we don't really know the history of. Yesterday, we fired it up for the first time in our build and it seems the HPFP is completely dead. And by dead I mean the rail pressure was no higher than the low side pressure, at idle. From what I've read online, people with...
  18. spoolzone

    Buying/DIAGNOSING a 2008 335i | dealer - "it has a fuel injector problem"

    First time taking codes from the 08 335i I just picked up ‍♂ Was told it had bad fuel injectors. Barely could touch the throttle at first and didn't wanna idle smooth at all until it warmed up. Ended up changing bank 1 plugs, coils, and injectors..Definitely made a huge difference. Links below...
  19. C

    CA Who is in nor cal?

    New to Bmw always see a few guys with modded 1 and 3 series in Sacramento.who else is around?
  20. veer90

    2E7C - BSD data bus communications fault

    Quick writeup on my misadventures dealing with this stupid fault code A few months ago I got randomly code 2E7C BSD comms fault. Cleared it, went away. It would come back and eventually got worse from intermittent to present all the time. It can be a royal PITA to diagnose especially if it's...