rb turbo

  1. rhodesman

    FS RB N54 OEM TD03L-10T Turbos

    $1,000 SHIPPED* or best offer. (*within the United States, international shipping may need extra shipping costs.) I have a brand new set of RB turbo CHIRA's that I transplanted into my OEM manifold and charge housings (housings have 70k miles on them and flawless). These are front and rear as a...
  2. veer90

    RB "0% failure rate"

    Just because I'm tired of Rob's passive-aggressive shitposting as of late, have some time on my hands, and am feeling extremely petty. How's that "0% failure rate" you always post about working out for ya, Rob?
  3. C

    High Flow Oil Drain Reccomendations

    should I get high flow oil drain lines for upgraded twins? Oil issues have come up with turbos I purchased and the recommendation is to get new oil drain lines. Should I get new OEM lines or RB high flow drain lines? Does anyone else make high flow oil drains? Forum search did not result in...
  4. M

    What is the highest HP from all the hybrid turbos?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the highest HP that have been put down by all of the hybrid turbos that are out. RB(Original RB, RB Evo's, RB Super Evo's) Vargas(Stage 2, 2+, GC Lite, GC), Hexon (RR550,RR600,RR700), Pure Turbo S2, MMP Stage 3, and any other's I'm missing. Please...