single turbo

  1. SJ_1989

    Gold Standard of Weight Reduction - E90 on a Diet

    So the time has come to start weighing the car since round 1 of fab work is now complete! I thought 2700 lbs race weight without a driver was a bold goal when Efab Motorsports and I started down this path of extreme weight reduction. I think it is very possible this is the lightest E90 that...
  2. Matilda335i

    Single Turbo Kit for e93 n54

    So, I want to single turbo my '09 e93 n54...but I find that I am already running into some issues with FBO because of lack of e93 things :( If anyone has any info or advice on what route I should take in order to single turbo and push 900+ hp! Currently just have just air intakes and...
  3. chrisdfv

    N54 Garrett GTW 6465(3884r) Dyno

    Threw the car on the dyno today since I hadn't done so since swapping my auto to manual transmission. Vi engineered top mount kit with a Garrett GTW 6465 BB turbo. E85 out of the pump. Content unverified, but it usually test at 85ish %. 100* degrees in the shop at the time of the dyno(summer in...
  4. veer90

    Technical Single Turbo O2 sensor install and data

    Thought I'd make a thread to collect some data on O2 sensor options for the single turbo peeps. As everyone knows, 2-bank fueling logic forces ST kits to place the pre-cat O2s in the manifold between the head and turbine, exposing them to extremely harsh high temperature and positive pressure...
  5. SJ_1989

    N54/E90 6MT Daily Turned Dedicated Drag Build

    *** Updated build sheet 2019-10-31 *** OK I's never been my daily but I haven't driven it much in the past 3 years so decided to turn it into a dedicated track car. I needed a hobby anyway lol. Background Bought the car in 2012 and went full bolt ons over the next few years. Last...
  6. ldefeogtr

    FS 2008 VM Single Turbo e92 - Low Miles - Clean Title in Hand

    Hey guys. I'm not really in a rush to sell it, but life and other circumstances are forcing me to re-evaluate my current situation. Please no crazy low offers. I stand to make absolutely nothing from selling and I am at a loss overall considering all the money I put into it after I bought it. I...
  7. ThatSTe61

    Single Turbo E61 Build

    Alright I’m hopping back into the forum life, something which I haven’t been a part of since I used to ride motorcycles. Recently took the plunge and picked up a car I’ve wanted for a long while now. I’ve wanted an E61535xi ever since I ran across several build logs years and years ago. Well...
  8. 1

    zf6hp19 to zf8hp45 swap

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I drive a single turbo (6266) e92 335xi fitted with the infamously sluggish zf6hp19 6-speed auto that can't hold power, and it's slipping with only 18psi. Instead of doing a rebuild or swapping to a manual (it's my daily and I live in busy NYC) I thought of doing...
  9. JimboFresh206

    FS Refinished style 162s

    FS: Refinished style 162's asking $650 obo (local pickup preffered, will ship) WA
  10. veer90

    N54 Tunerpro DTC table confusion

    I'm trying to disable some O2 emissions system check codes to diagnose my car. It's giving me a lot of grief throwing heater, function, system check, etc. codes for the Pre-cat O2 sensors on my single turbo setup. AFRs will lean out and it'll drive like s#&t until the codes are cleared. All the...
  11. TheGoose

    Top mounts in CA

    Have talked to a few people who run bottom mount kits in CA. Wondering if anyone is running a top mount single turbo kit in CA and how it’s going for them with smog? Not as much worried about the visual. I know in other states you can get a top mount single kit to pass smog but CA is a bit more...
  12. BlueN54

    Complete SUB-$3,000 Single Turbo Swap!

    OVERVIEW Hello, first time posting here, although I have been lurking for some time! This thread is to show people a real-world cost of doing a budget single turbo build. In the end, it ended up costing less than I expected. In the cost analysis, I will include my complete cost, including...
  13. bennythebimmer

    E8X Newest DCT Swapped N54 E82

    I introduce the newest DCT swapped N54 e82 to the club. The car has undergone a full track prep over the winter but the last piece of the puzzle was getting the transmission that I wanted in there, the DCT. I absolutely could not have done this swap without @BMWJunkie! For those of you who don't...
  14. Ztuck45

    Double shotgun fuel pressure oscillation

    I have recently finished installing my VTTO double shotgun kit. The car runs good and has all the fuel pressure, but I’ve noticed the FP_H fluctuating during pulls and i was wondering if anyone has seen this. I’m currently running an ots bef (St_e85_THR) while i wait for my wedge tune. Is it...
  15. Ztuck45

    Precision Raceworks coil failure?

    I’m looking for some insight. I recently developed a cylinder 6 and 5 misfire. Cylinder 6 was intermittent under load and cylinder 5 started misfiring intermittently as well but eventually became a constant misfire (Even at idle). I just started running full e85 after installing a double shotgun...
  16. chrisdfv

    Single Turbo Boostbox Tuning

    I've been deep into this topic recently and discovered that there's not much information out there so I wanted to create a place where people that self tune can have a discussion on the topic. I'm using a boostbox V3 to tune my car, and have only began tuning at the moment. I enjoy the...
  17. AK135i

    EMP pump gas flash issues

    Good morning SpoolStreet members. Granted beating a dead horse isn't the best way to approach this, but i've been very busy these past few weeks since the EMP tune fiasco, and would like to share my story and how it was righted, but no thanks to EMP I have been running an emp bef on my ST n54...
  18. Shane303

    2009 E92 BMW 335i- Single Turbo

    Located in Mesa, Arizona 85209 $17,000 obo 72623 Miles On3Performance manifold/ DBB 61MM billet wheel Precision Turbo 46MM Wastegate VRSF 7.5" Race intercooler VRSF Chargepipe with Tial BOV Fuel-It Stage 2 LPFP...
  19. T

    single turbo get read!

    hey guys first time poster but longish time lurker. I bought my 07 335i sedan about years ago and recently I purchased my VM single turbo kit. But I am very OCD when it comes to my baby. so I don't want any surprises when installing this kit. so the point of this post is basically, what am I...
  20. Ztuck45

    Docrace Single Turbo DIY

    New videos is finally up, it's a long one but it covers the entire install. Car is running mint, next couple vids will be doing the jb4 firmware/backend flash and fuel pump install. Hope you all enjoy!