1. Twisted Tuning

    BMW X-Drive Front LSD Differential

    You Read it correctly. We are teaming up with @MFactory in our quest to further solidify the prior neglected X-Drive drivetrain found in our beloved BMW. We have worked with M-Factory in the past on Mazda oriented products and have had amazing results. So we are at it again. We already have...
  2. Twisted Tuning

    N54 Direct Port Nitrous

    A little something different for the masses that you don't see too often on the N54 is nitrous injection. There are turbo upgrades out of the Whoo-hah, but we wanted to do something different and go against the grain with this particular 335xi. Setup designed by us here at Twisted Tuning...
  3. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuned 335xi puts up 683awhp, 675awtq (World Record for XI)

    This car was 98.5% tuned on the street. The dyno yesterday was just for numbers and this is exactly how Pete drives this car daily. It was no dyno glory run just for numbers. This is his daily, haha. I made like 3 quick value changes on the JB4 (well actually Pete the owner did, since i'm in NY...
  4. Snelson3003

    SpoolStreet.com Vinyl Car Decals/Stickers

    Hey errrrrbody! I am making this thread to get a feeler on some decals for our beloved website, SpoolStreet.com. Since I oversee one of the largest Print Production Facilities in the west coast I thought id get a feeler on some SS swag for you guys to enjoy. These would likely be made in...
  5. Twisted Tuning

    Direct Port Nitrous Setup - N54

    Just bringing this over here as well. Finalized design and will be installing and testing the prototype in the next couple weeks. UPDATE: 3 November 2016 Drawing sent to my CNC. The current drawing has be changed from the original to have mounting on the underside. Also tapers port...