1. S

    N55 swaps/interchangability

    I have a 2011 E90 335i that just spun a rod bearing. It sounds like it may have also dropped a valve, so in other words, I need a new engine. I haven't found any definitive answers for this question but how interchangeable are the N55s from different years and chassis, so I was hoping the...
  2. thegriffen

    E46 M3 N54 Swap Build Log

    Hello everyone, I thought I'd take some time to share a build a friend and I have been (slowly) working on since the beginning of this year (2018). I actually tried to make this thread on another forum sometime during the summer, but my post ended up being eaten, and I didn't have the...
  3. aus335iguy

    Who’s doing a DCT swap ?

    So given that we can now have m3 drivelogic, adjustable launch control with anti lag and the ability to vary the final drive using an M3 diff who is now contemplating a DCT swap when they weren’t before ? Edit - @jyamona thinks hes now found the final drive spec in the DME which helps those who...