1. 1

    zf6hp19 to zf8hp45 swap

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I drive a single turbo (6266) e92 335xi fitted with the infamously sluggish zf6hp19 6-speed auto that can't hold power, and it's slipping with only 18psi. Instead of doing a rebuild or swapping to a manual (it's my daily and I live in busy NYC) I thought of doing...
  2. bennythebimmer

    FS Leftover Parts from ST & DCT Projects - E82 N54 AT

    Over the past winter and recent months I went ST and did a DCT swap. I have lots of parts leftover that are for sale. I am going to use this post as my master list that I will keep updated as I sell this stuff. I am located in the Chicagoland area for those who can do local pickup. Otherwise...
  3. Seaneezy

    input turret stuck (zf6hp21)

    Disassembling my old transmission for parts, I cannot get this stupid input turret off after taking out its 14 bolts. I'm unsure if there is some clip holding it in or it's just barged shut. Ive tried pushing it from under the valve body as well as vicing it from the shaft itself (vices line up...
  4. Seaneezy

    Trans mounts

    Dropping my trans in a few days for a rebuild, thought I might as well replace the trans mounts while I'm there as I want to keep movement near the trans minimal. What are the best street mounts on the market? Apparently ECS mounts have a tendency to break prematurely, I would like to have a...
  5. V

    E9X Transmission hard to engage 1st when it's cold out

    Update: Pentosin FFL3 was the correct fluid and fixed most of my issues. 6MT Spec 3+ SMFW. no CDV. When cold out (<40*) the transmission doesn't like to go into 1st without either: car slowly moving forward (if on smooth ground and no brakes, the car will actually roll forward with clutch...
  6. John6857

    E90 transmission fluid flush

    Hey all, i have a 2007 e90 335i 6MT with a little over 90k miles on it. To my knowledge the transmission fluid has never been flushed, this being the case i ordered Redline d4 atf. A couple of my buddies are telling me that at this mileage the fluid should not be changed because it is lifetime...