valve cover

  1. Jeffman

    Technical Doh! Some valve cover plastic slivers fell into the valve train

    As the title says, I broke off some slivers of plastic from my valve cover into the intake valve train area while replacing the valve cover gasket. We're talking slivers from the groove area of the VC maybe a 5-10 millimeters long x 1 mm thick, some longer, some shorter. I did everything I could...
  2. performanceboutique

    Performance Boutique N54 Billet Valve Cover

    Backed by popular demand, we are releasing pricing on our billet valve cover. Please read the post all the way through. We are a Canadian company, but we will be posting prices in USD on the forums as it's the biggest customer base. Plugging of PCV oil drain ports is highly recomended to avoid...