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  1. R

    Rough idle after oil change

    Hey guys i need your help on this. I changed my oil yesterday and on the way home the car went in limp mode. Next day cold start really runs rough and got these codes all together. Codes: - 29CC Misfire several cylinders (actually all 6) - 2A7C Variable camshaft timing control, intake, cold...
  2. Jeffman

    Thoughts on VANOS and (Lean?) Spool Strategy

    I think this topic is worthy of a new thread. I've copied the following discussion from a previous thread. My max spool rpm is currently set at 2750 rpm with my Vanos Spool Inlet / Exhaust table values overlapping (equaling) the moving warm VANOS Inlet / Exhaust table values at 2750 rpm. I...
  3. stelvio

    N55' reliable?

    Hello people of SS. I just recently sold my N54 335i and was looking into the N55's due to so many issues that the N54's had. I N54's are known for wastegate rattle, vanos solenoids, cam ledge issues, HPFP, etc, etc...but I'm wondering how much more reliable and/or improved is the N55 engine...