10 Second Club - N54 Edition

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Oct 18, 2016
Are we going to add the TH400 car?
Yeah, but not until Table support comes back to the board. The feature is currently in Beta right now, once it goes stable I'll do another update and we'll get the ability back(along with lots of other cool shit)


Nov 5, 2016
Norfolk, VA
Here are some details on the car-

Owner- Samson McGinnis
Built by Dirty Euro Customs in SLC, UT
DirtyEuro is owned by Richard Cheeseman
Tuned by Troy Nielsen

FTI stage 3 TH400
Pure Stage 2’s
VS stage 2+
Dual nozzle meth

Running e30 and meth at 21psi we did a 10.6 then cranked it up to 24-25psi with 8-9 degrees advance and ran the 10.353. Ran out of gearing, bouncing off limiter at about the 1000’ mark so now we are going from a 26” to a 28” tire to hopefully pick up about 10mph.

The short term goal is high 9’s and should be attainable with the current setup IMO.

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@doublespaces Its this same car.

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