10 Second Club - S55


Oct 18, 2016
Below is a list of S55 powered vehicles in the 10's, along with any details such as videos, build links or time slips. Post here as they roll in or anyone I've missed.

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#¼ ET¼ MPH⅛ ET⅛ MPH60 FTYearDriverDetails
110.1547142.27096.68571.72632017Jeners NievesVTT GC F80 Ignite Red + Meth (Slip)(Video)
210.1785133.82946.65061.67562016Jayson Alvarado @JAperformanceVTT GC F80 (Slip)
310.5444132.66626.83561.63132018Ruben Gomez Junker BiloStock Turbo F82 Comp (Slip)
410.583134.506.924106.811.8252015F80 (Video)
510.6472132.21026.91481.62192015Jose NievesStock Turbo F80 (Slip)
610.724130.406.940101.741.635@F80JustinFL Tune Only (Slip)(Video)
710.7294131.02046.97191.68422015Evaristo TorresStock Turbo F80 (Slip)

Please post timeslip/videos for admission along with important details.

List is incomplete! Please post slips/videos of existing 10 sec passes.