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E8X 135i Single Turbo Exhaust Setup

Discussion in '1 and 2-Series' started by Sean Webster, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Hi all, I have a 2009 135i with stock cat back exhaust. I already blew out the rear cats with 2Step and NLS...and blew a turbo...so now I'm going to be throwing in a VM/ACF too mount 6466 and was wondering what I should do for my exhaust. I will be running in the mid 500whp range for a few months to maybe a year until I can afford to get port injection.

    So, as you can see, I am kinda tight on money. With that in mind, do you think that just doing a rear cat and muffler delete and welding in some pipes in place will be good enough? I'm probably gonna put in two vibrant resonators as well to keep it toned down. Any suggestions or thoughts?

    Furthermore, I'm wondering about doing cutouts as well...anyone got them and if so, what does your setup look like?

  2. 335iHaroon

    335iHaroon Specialist

    Straight pipe should be ok if you're ok with it being that loud
  3. jyamona

    jyamona Corporal Vendor

    I have the Cobb 135i exhaust with my Motiv ST kit. Absolutely love it, plus it's a single midpipe design :)
  4. Yeah, that's one thing that worries me, I don't want it to be too loud. I prefer quiet but throaty when I get on it, but I need it to be low cost/budget friendly. Any recommendations?

    Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. 335iHaroon

    335iHaroon Specialist

    Do they have a pe mod for 135i exhausts? If not do a straight pipe till the mufflers keep those on it'll be loud enough but not too loud.
  6. Nugs

    Nugs New Member

    I had custom 2.5" mid pipes with Magnaflow resonators then a 3" muffler delete rear section. It was loud but not crazy and suprisingly drone free. If you have got rid of cold start then it would be totally livable. Sounded awesome when on it.
  7. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    My main concern with cutouts, regardless of brand, I always hear of them going out in 2-3 years.
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  8. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    2008 ST 335i
    I still love the sound mine makes. single turbo, stock pipes back t the mufflers, except E90 main resonator deleted with X pipe put in place, secondary cats deleted with vibrant resonators put in place, and mufflers have the PE mod done. I've wanted to change it out for a single 3.5" exhaust for the power aspect, but the noise that this setup makes just makes me far to happy to change, I may just end up doing 2.5 or 2.75 piping and keep everything else in place at some point.

  9. Here's mine. Custom 3" mid pipe to AA v1 axleback.

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  10. Euro venom

    Euro venom Specialist Girl Club

    I think Berk Has a great street exhaust for the money, I'm also a fan of Remus exhaust and Billy Boat exhaust.