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2017 VTT Update/New Prices

Discussion in 'N54' started by [email protected], Jan 2, 2017.

  1. 2016
    2016 was a great year for us at VTT. Not only did we release the GC family of fully-cast and modular turbochargers for the N54, but we saw growth in literally every single aspect of all VPG subgroups (VTT, VPP, VHP) by continuing to innovate.

    Bragging a little here, VPG was the first on the N54 platform with...
    -billet compressor wheels as an option across the entire lineup
    -upgraded thrusts as an option across the entire lineup
    -N54 OEM rebuilds
    -N54 stage 1 turbos
    -N54 stage 2 using factory style bearing housings
    -Clipped turbine wheels in an N54 application
    -9 blade turbine wheels in an N54 application
    -19T/20T compressor wheels in an N54 application
    -Stock location silicone upgraded inlets
    -Silicone hot side charge pipes

    Continuing the trend of innovation, in 2016 we…
    -Released fully cast and modular high flowing twin turbo upgrades (our best dyno was 785 whp!)
    -Developed and released a 750+ whp capable DI only fuel system and controller

    Performance wise? In 2016 we...
    -made 777 whp DI only (GC's, double barrel shotgun and controller)
    -trapped 169.9 mph in the 1/2 mile (6MT, full weight)
    -ran 11.0 @ 136 mph in the 1/4 I(6MT full weight)
    -competed at 4 organized runway events in Oregon, CA, and AZ
    -visited the (local) 1/4 mile track more times than we could count
    -gave away 2 sets of GC's, multiple inlets, and plenty of VTT swag

    2017 is looking to be a promising year for us and we're excited to get rolling on it. Our top secret plan is pretty simple; focus on our strengths, keep innovating, and push the development on the platform far and hard as we can.

    On our menu will be:
    -continued development and testing of the BB solution for twins
    -continued development and testing of GC+ turbochargers
    -Pushing the NIZPRO auto transmission as hard as we can and unleashing it at the track
    -come on now you don't expect us to tell you everything do you? We have a few more projects going on behind the scenes
    -More giveaways
    -More articles
    -More VPG contests (including challenges!)

    All that wonderful news but how does this effect you, right now, today? Price drop.

    New 2017 Prices:
    -GC pricing is now $3999
    -GC lite pricing is now $2999
    -Single Barrel shotgun pricing is now $799
    -Double Barrel shotgun pricing is now $999

    (website is in the process of being updated... expect it to reflect these new prices shortly)

    Shotgun complete-228x228.jpg

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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Nice, a 300 dollar discount on the double barrel! Gonna take another look..
  3. alkalinetaupehat

    alkalinetaupehat New Member

    Damn doublespaces...that post time!

    Great way to start out a new year, VTT! May your turbos boost true. :)
  4. Is there any way to control the double barrels without Syvecs?
  5. Yup. Our SS controller.
  6. Why don't you guys offer that as an option for the double barrels?
  7. Not sure what you mean. It's listed as the controller option on the double barrel page. The single barrel is controlled by ecu normally (thus doesn't need an external controller).
  8. frontside0815

    frontside0815 Specialist

    Could you provide more Logs and Details on how the single Barrel is working?
    Is the HPFP up to the Task getting overrun? Doesn´t it make more Problems when overdriving it? I mean we all know that the HPFP is a weak part of our engines.

    And what are the usual gains of your kit? Would like to have some Reviews from customers- i think this is the main reason why the People are not ordering your stuff! If the Systems are running without a hitch and provide more HP capacity via DI i do not see why the People would not get your kits! When it does not make Problems it will be so much better than PI (especially safer!!)
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  9. Best to just look at the 777 DI only thread on this forum for logs of the double barrel system working. The single barrel works exactly the same way except you're going to run out of headroom at about 550 whp on 100% E85 -quite a bump up over stock capability. As far as the hpfp being a known weakness -honestly that was true in the early revisions of the hpfp, but the most recent revisions have been pretty stout. The shop car has thousands of miles on the track, street, and hundreds of dyno passes. My personal car has 80k+ on the same hpfp.

    As far as people running the kit, there are plenty out there running single barrel. Control of the double barrel was an issue for us for a while, but that's been resolved with the SS controller. It's pretty straight forward; same as the controller for PI systems; easy to run.
  10. frontside0815

    frontside0815 Specialist

    Here in Germany 90% of the people are running on 102 octane...So i would like to know what are the limits for this fuel with your single barrel kit.
    I know that the most recent revisions seem to be running well, however overdriving means more wear- what do you think will the normal lifecycle of an overdriven HPFP be?
    You made screenshots of your 777WHP DI only log- can you provide the link?

    With the Single Barrel Kit we also get an bigger rail- what do you think how much more headroom will that give alone?

    I didn´t read anything from anyone running your system? Just saw one guy one facebook in the last week.
  11. Euro venom

    Euro venom Specialist Girl Club

    My turbos are on there last leg and I am need for new twins! I will look into your kits, they seem to have a great group to back them and support :)
  12. Hi!,

    Thanks for your questions, real quick

    -We haven't tested the single barrel on 102 octane, but it will be significantly higher than the 550 whp we (conservatively) rate it at on 100% E85. We figure low to mid 6's on an ethanol blend and more on race gas.
    -We haven't seen much of any change in the lifecycle, I agree that makes sense that it would have some impact but it hasn't shown up on our radars yet.
    -The rail alone won't do anything for you.
    -The overwhelming majority of our customers are not active on the forums, but we have a few of the active-forum member types ordering parts that should turn into more 3rd party reviews shortly.

  13. VTT.jpg
    VTT 2017 BMW turbocharger breakdown
    NEW BMW Offerings to add:
    (Availability below)
    N54 OEM CHRA’s Stock everything $399 (Available now)
    N54 OEM CHRA’s Upgraded thrust only $499 (Available now)
    N54 OEM CHRA’s Upgraded thrust + Billet Wheels $599 (Available now)
    N54 Stage 1 Billet Wheel CHRA’s with compressor housing $999 (Available Feb 2017)
    S55 GC, and GC Lite: (Available 3Q 2017)
    S55 GC $3999
    S55 GC Lite $2999
    B58 Stage 1 $1599 (available Q3 2017)

    BMW Offerings we are bringing back: (Available 2-3Q 2017)
    Stage 2 with two piece cast V band housing 9B TD04L turbine 15T compressor $1999
    Stage 2+ with two piece cast V band housing 9B TD04L turbine Custom compressor wheel $2199

    Current offerings: (Available Now)
    N54: (Please note new pricing on some items shown in red)
    N54 OEM replacement with thrust upgrade $999 (reman with core, New Casting coming 2Q 2017)
    N54 OEM Billet Replacement with thrust upgrade$1199 (reman with core, New Casting coming 2Q 2017)
    N54 Stage 1 Billet with thrust upgrade $1699 (reman with core, New Casting coming 2Q 2017)
    N54 GC $3999
    N54 GC Lite $2999

    New Casting N55 Stage 1:
    PWG $999
    EWG $1199
    Reman N55 Stage 1:
    PWG $799
    EWG $999
    Reman N55 Stage 2 JB:
    PWG $2199
    EWG $2399
    N20 Stage 1:
    New Casting PWG/EWG $1299

    Additional information:
    -Install kits purchases with set of turbos are now $199
    -Silicone inlets, and charge pipes remain the same great deal with purchased with turbochargers
    -ALL offerings unless specified will utilize custom cast VTT components meaning core charges are eliminated, and no remanufactured parts in any turbochargers except those specified as “reman”
    -All offerings include Upgraded thrust assemblies unless specified
    -All offerings built, and balanced in house at VTT
    -All offerings tested in house at VTT
    -All offerings included 1 year limited warranty with unlimited mileage. (Please see warranty information on website for more information)

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  14. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    That is quite an extensive catalog. Would love to hear more about your S55 and B58 products.
  15. S55 GC's will be same size as the N54 GC's -when the time comes we'll absolutely be making posts about them, pics, dynos, all the good stuff. The B58 is undergoing testing now... should be a nice bump in power but as you know it's more about the limiters in the tune rather than the turbo at this moment.
  16. M&M'S

    M&M'S Lurker

    Just a post for follow the news of VTT , send a post on FB pictures of the GC+ but not have response hope answers come with the time of the dévelopment of this turbo.
    your DI upgrade system is fully developed ? or they have new settings and mods on the way ?
  17. GC+ are still on the table, but testing isn't complete. DI system is ready to go. :)
  18. terryd5150

    terryd5150 Specialist

    2008 E92 335i 2009 E90 335i
    Hi, Chris:

    Are you guys still planning on releasing the products below:

    BMW Offerings we are bringing back: (Available 2-3Q 2017)
    Stage 2 with two piece cast V band housing 9B TD04L turbine 15T compressor $1999
    Stage 2+ with two piece cast V band housing 9B TD04L turbine Custom compressor wheel $2199

    Also, any additional information on the single/double barrel kits out "in the wild"?
  19. Those turned into the current 2/2+ cast offerings -a great buy for the budget minded.
  20. MoreBoost

    MoreBoost Private

    Hi Chris,
    I'm interested in you shotgun upgrade. The only thing is I've seen some negative posts about the longevity of the hpfp used and the quality of the parts like the fuel hose provided. Do you guys plan to improve the fuel hose for example?

    I'm running your GC turbos. I wonder if you guys might even do some kind of discounted offer in return for reviews? I'll be running my car at the drag strip. Should be one of the fastest in Europe where I live.