FS $300 - Hydra Performance High Flow Intake


Aug 11, 2017
Hey guys - when I ordered my turbos and other items from @Hydra Performance , I asked him to send me his intake setup for the E8x/E9x. At the time we were unsure if it would fit in the E89 Z4 packaging but we figured there was only one way to find out. Well ... E89 hood line is much lower so no dice. Sucks as I really wanted to run this intake configuration.

So I have a complete and new setup, here in the USA for sale. I asked Omar to specifically send it to me "ready to finish" instead of with the final color coat, so I could finish it in whatever color I chose - easy to do with one's favorite color in a can. Omar writes about this intake setup here .

I paid to have this shipped from Lebanon to the USA lol. I'd like to get $350 $300 for it, and I'll pay for shipping CONUS - it's a big box so shipping will not be cheap. I will also ship the following morning after payment so you'll have it fast. Here's a photo of everything.


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