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600awhp 335xi Pure Stage 2 build

Discussion in 'N54' started by zmon1300, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to document my build for my 335xi. Started out on stock turbos, blew them and went the Hexon route. That didn't work out ( turbos lasted 3 days :eek: ) . Then, talked to Jesse @pureturbos and got a set of Stage 2 HiFlow turbos.

    Just got the car running. Its been about 3-ish weeks , and its running pretty good. Just tuning for 93 for now, and hoping to make 500 on the dyno just on pump and then will dip into E85 mixtures and all that stuff.

    Mod List:
    Pure Stage 2 HiFlow turbos
    Precision Racewerks Inlets
    Precision Racwerks DTM Headlight Ring kit
    VRSF catless downpipes
    AD-E 650hp FMIC
    MHD flash only
    KW V3 coilovers
    Apex Arc8s w/ MPSS
    LCI Tails
    3.5MM blue vacuum lines
    Motul 5w-40 oil
    Peterson Oil catch can

    Will update once all tuning stuff its straightened out and will be dyno'ing the car once we are good to go on 93 octane.


    14700809_604352493085459_195759408804602537_o.jpg 14715628_604352439752131_6068796318305641901_o.jpg 14692090_604352403085468_6745649028127781780_o.jpg 14691207_604352386418803_1102301550346170933_o.jpg 14712484_604346566419385_2555714243508438902_o.jpg 14633534_604346559752719_785194907402708559_o.jpg 14753278_604346329752742_5175090847441558008_o.jpg

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  2. Unrelated to turbos, but great looking car. The M-tech front bumper might be my fav. The overall cohesiveness of the black and silver makes for a really clean look.
  3. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Yea thank you! I had an M3 CF hood and Amuse style Trunk a while back. Just attracted too much attention. I like this clean silver look a LOT better. Especially the LCI tails really set it off for me
  4. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i

    How do you like that FMIC? :)
  5. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Its great! Quality is top notch. When it came, packaging was great. Shipping was good. Andy answered all my questions. Only needed a longer coupler on the cold side to mount it. Fits like a glove. IATs are LOW. Definitely recommend this FMIC to anyone who wants to push the envelope and needs a good FMIC. IMO cooling is VERY important on these cars.
  6. Turby

    Turby Corporal

    Silver on silver is my favorite , I'll be following this thread I love to see xi's pushing bigger numbers.
  7. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi

    Car runs solid so far! Im on pump gas and it feels WAY faster than stock turbos. Sorry I couldn't update earlier, school and work got in the way. Put about 3-4k on the turbos. Gonna do some maintenance soon and hopefully mess with e85 in the spring time.
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  8. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Good to hear!

    Any plan to hit a dyno?
  9. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Yea I will be hitting the dyno soon. Just been crazy busy with school and work. Plus weather in Chicago isn't the greatest so waiting for a stretch of good weather so I can dyno on pump and then tune on e30-40 and dyno again before spring time.
  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Cool, I look forward to it
  11. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    5 month update:

    Car feels good on pump gas. Weather is starting to get better in the Chicagoland area so will be tuning on e85 mix soon .

    Did an oil change with Motul 3V 5W-40 and Mann filter. I recommend Mann filter per BMW Master tech, aftermarket oil filters can cause leaks because O-rings from aftermarket one's are not as good quality as Mann/OEM Bmw.

    Car was due for brakes so knocked that out of the way. Thanks to R1 concepts for the great rotors and StopTech for the awesome pads and SS lines

    I got the slotted only rotors from R1 concepts and the StopTech Pads and SS Lines.
    Fitment was like a glove for everything. Also flushed out the brake fluid and put some Tilton TSR-1 fluid in there.

    Hoping to take the car to an AutoX course soon. Will update once I dyno on pump and then switch to E85 mix and then full E85.
  12. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Hey guys,
    Finally got some decent weather here in Chicagoland. Switched to a E40 tune with Wedge Performance. Impressive is an understatement for the car imo. Tune is solid, the FMIC IATs are literally 10 degrees higher than ambient ( added a pic with 82 degree ambient ). HPFP is maxed out around 21ish psi for the Pure stage 2 HiFlow's. I also got the xHP stg3 flash on the car within the last couple days. Compared to the alpina, it def is smoother. D mode is 100x better than alpina and that alone is worth the money for me lol. I haven't really done WOT pulls with it yet, I am letting the trans adapt for a good tank or two of gas before ripping on it hard. Defiantly will be upgrading the fueling this season. Really want to focus on suspension and cosmetics first.

    List of mods going on the car in order:


    With this amount of power, you really need to address suspension even with AWD. I am not sure but car does not feel stable enough at high speeds. When the expressway curves and I am doing 80+, the car is fine until I hit a bump. Soon as I hit the bump, feels like the back end wants to kick out. Its a weird yet nerve wrecking feeling. I looked at my KWs and found the rear 2 coilovers were leaking. So going to have them rebuilt soon and add a couple other goodies. Wanted to do some M3 suspension parts to make it handle better like FCA, sway bars, Diff bushings etc. Maybe do a M3 steering rack if it fits AWD.

    - Rebuild KWs
    - Get M3 steering rack ( hopefully other guys can figure out the servotronic issue )
    - M3 FCA
    - M3 sway bars F&R
    - Diff bushings
    - Sway bar links
    - other suspension crap I cant think of right now lol


    Winter here in chicagoland was a b**** to say the least lol. So I saw a block of snow while driving to work, thinking it was just snow. Welp, come to find out it was an ice block and cracked my front M-Tech bumper. So gotta get that fixed. I also have my M3 side skirts and M-Tech rear bumper sitting in my garage. Gotta throw those on too this season. I wrapped my interior trim with black suede, looks like Alcantara. Its gotten dirty and loose overtime. Thinking about ripping it off and getting it dipped piano black. Thoughts on color choice? Anyone hydro-dip their interior trim with success? So much to do and so little time :(

    - Fix front M-Tech bumper
    - Paint/Install M3 side skirts
    - Paint/Install Rear M-Tech bumper
    - Paint correction/detail Exterior/Interior of Car
    - Dip interior trim


    What you all have been waiting for. Yes, fueling and turning the car up until it practically blows lol. Well, I have a Stg2 ******* lpfp in my car. The old one, not the new bucketless. [email protected]******* is a good buddy of mine who keeps suggesting I go with the full PI/stg4 pkg from *******. I really do love the power it is at right now. I have some videos of Mexico that Ill upload after I finish posting this lol . I do want to hit 600awhp, and seems like 25ish PSI is going to get me there. Everyone knows installing PI and going all out puts the motor at risk. This is the reason fueling is last on the list lol . This car has really tested my patience, and I don't want it to blow up. Ive only had it for 3 years now? Yea, 3 years and it still isn't even done yet lol. I was looking at Roberts (Precision Racewerks) kit and it seems great for the $$. Both kits great and needed to hit 600awhp. Still undecided on fueling.

    - Buy ******* pkg or Precision Racewerks pkg
    - Sell old stg2 LPFP
    Car has been on Pure's for about 8 months now, around 4-6k miles on them and they are great. Would def recommend them if you are in the market for turbos. I would either get Pures or ST (DocRace or VM) .

    Thanks to

    @WedgePerformance -- for the great tune and support
    @Horsepower Barn -- for the quality FMIC!
    @PureTurbos -- for the awesome Stg2 HiFlow Turbos!

    Till next time ! ;)


    vs CTS-V -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkFollNjit4
    vs SC e46 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIgVc-G0aBE
  13. nomiezvr4

    nomiezvr4 New Member

    awesome update and great looking car. I haven't really paid much attention to stock 335's but yours looks great. Looking forward to seeing the car soon.
  14. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Raced a 600AWHP VR4 over the weekend. I'm on pure Stage 2 HiFlow turbos. 21PSI. Testing xHP stg3 flash. E40 Tuned by Ken Atkinson. WedgePerformance for the win!

    I didn't brake boost in either runs btw.
    First run, my trans had a seizure and shifted from 2nd to 4th? Weird. I was trying to shift to 3rd but it just jerked and went into 4th. I let off and came back on and chased him but he turned down after 130+. Maybe it was the xHP?
    Second run, he got the launch and then I caught up and beat him by ~2 cars.

    We will re-run once I get fueling and he turns up his boost.

    Overall , had a great time. That VR4 was sick!
    Enjoy the video!

  15. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
  16. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Quick update:

    So, my fueling on E40 was pretty maxed out once we turned the boost up to 21-22psi. @WedgePerformance recommended that I address fueling asap before moving any further. I did my research for which would be the most effective and quickest solution for Port Injection and some type of stage 3-4 LPFP. I spoke to @PRECISON RACEWORKS ( Robert ) and he really sealed the deal for me! I have known Robert for awhile and I am running his Inlet system and DTM Ring kit on my headlights so I knew the quality was spot on. So he talked me into purchasing his Port Injection kit along with the SS Controller. Customer service and shipping was insanely quick! I think I placed my order last Monday and received the Port Injection kit on Wednesday! Robert literally packed my PI and shipped it right after we spoke! Now if that isn't customer service, I don't know what is!

    Anyways, fast forward to the weekend. I installed the Port Injection and it went pretty smooth to be honest. Don't get me wrong, it was time consuming as I triple checked everything and made sure everything fit like I wanted, but it wasn't all that hard to install. The PI quality was great and I love the gloss black finish. Made it look very stealth like and I don't want my engine bay to be all chromed out LOL . I used 2 of the old studs just to make sure PI would line up correctly and it fit like a glove. I do have to say, make sure to push down gently on the gaskets to make sure they are sitting in their channels properly or else they'll fall out LOL. I had a heart attack when one fell off and I almost lost it . Good thing they provide an extra in their kit! Fuel line connection was a piece of cake with the quick connects. Next was the SS Controller. Lots of people have used wire taps or just plain splice and twist together methods. I kind of went overkill on my method which was to solder the wires together. I was just paranoid of the wires falling apart mid-pull and my car blowing up LOL . So I soldered the wires from the SS Controller and the actual box fit nicely inside the DME area. Loaded up the R4 software and it was working according to plan ( That was a first for anything N54 related LOL ). Flashed my new PI map from @WedgePerformance and went to log.

    Lets just say, THE CAR IS AN ANIMAL! It literally took my breath away when I went WOT for the 1st time after installing PI! Car is pulling very hard and logs are looking good. I did notice a couple of things that changed after installing PI: My car never takes 3-4 secs of cranking to turn over. After installing PI, the car cranks for a good 2-3 secs before turning over. I triple checked the PI and there are no fuel leaks. I do not smell fuel, or anything. No fault codes or signs of failing battery ( Battery was replaced and coded appropriately last year ). Maybe it just needs some adjusting in the tune? Anyone have some suggestions ? Ken added E85 cold start in the tune and it still does it for some odd reason :(


    IMG_7185.JPG IMG_7187.JPG IMG_7188.JPG IMG_7189.JPG

    Lastly, xHP flash. I am on the latest v2.2 and the trans isn't liking it very much. Before PI, the trans would be fine WOT from 2-3-4-5-6th. But since I installed PI and did a log, the car says 5th but goes back into 4th on WOT until I let off then it'll go into 5th and then I have to get back into it. This only happens on WOT and from 4-5 or 5-6. I emailed xHP and they said to re-flash v2.1 and see if problem persists. I will be flashing 2.1 tonight and report back.

    I have the @PRECISON RACEWORKS Stage 3+ LPFP setup coming in a couple of days. Will install that with pics and write-up blah blah. Need to address LPFP side now.

    God, and I thought fueling was last on the list :mad:

    Well, the car hauls A$$ and I think I just need to fine tune the map and the trans flash along with adding the stg3+ LPFP and the car should be 600awhp! That's the goal!

    Till next time!
  17. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    We need a video :)
  18. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Will do once stg3+ LPFP is on and trans flash is all figured out!
  19. zmon1300

    zmon1300 Specialist

    '10 335xi
    Just did a pull before installing my stg3 LPFP from PR. You can see I shifted before 6500 in 4th to make sure it didn't pop out of 5th, but it did jerk a little. Talked to xHP Clemens and he suggested to get a custom tcu tune to work around that. Will probably do that so I can take advantage of the full power. Trans cooler and oil cooler are in the works. Guess the boost and timing on this pull :)

    Till next time!