6HP Custom Tuning


Dec 15, 2016
Hey brad, I know the last XDF posted was from around last year.

But I wanted to ask is there by a newer 6HP XDF available for download, than the ones posted in this thread?

Thanks !
There is no newer XDF than the one on the downloads page of a rival forum from around a year ago. More tables were found but found to be useless for tuning. All of the changes needed to stop automatic upshifts were never found. I have since sold my 6HP car and have an 8HP one but I'm keeping this car stock. The 535i Touring is just a bit too big to be "sporty" and the wife drives it 99% of the time so I can't see the point in modifying this time around.


Nov 17, 2016
Henderson, NV
So I updated the xHP app and there seems to be a new torque adjustment at shift points with their custom map option if I remember the update notes correctly.

Has anyone with problematic shifting tried it as a solution?