N54 93 octane safe power levels


Nov 16, 2016
West Nyack, NY
Getting ready to retune my car on 93 octane, stock DI no meth. My knock sensors are desensitized on the hardware side so I can't really rely on them to pull time unless the knock is bad (built motor problems). Stock compression / stock head N54 with a built bottom end.

What's a realistic safe upper ceiling for hp? How much boost should I run to get there?


A while back VTT put down average ~560whp STD on 93 octane with 25 psi and 4.5* on GC twins, so I think 530whp SAE would be a good place to stop. I'll try 23 psi and 3* for the base map.


Nov 6, 2016
A 6266 should have more headroom on pump 93 than a set of GCs I would think. Shame they don't list the Flow Rate in lb/min like most turbos.

Also, remember that very few have been able to touch that vendors #s with their products. YMMV
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Nov 6, 2016
Here you go: https://www.bummerboost.com/content.php?8548-Pump-gas-power-E82-135i-w-DocRace-6266-turbo-kit-makes-559-rear-wheel-horsepower

560 whp on pump 93.

Mod list:
JB4 + MHD - Tuned by EMP
Ethanol free 93 octane
Tuned on 20PSI (graph shows 21.5 but that was a boost spike)
DocRace 6266
AD-E 650HP intercooler
Fuel-it stage 2
550i clutch
MMP Port Injection with JB4 controller

I don't think you would need port injection on 93. I thought the injectors and HPFP could handle around this level with no PI. I could be wrong.

xShadows Dyno:

I'll dyno in the spring but I am hoping for 600+ whp on my 6466 + 93 pump and charegpipe 100% meth. I don't need to chase any crazy numbers. If I ever want more I can go direct port and bump it up to 700whp. But that is a lot of meth for fueling at that point.

veer90 Is this going to be your daily driver tune and then run 100% E85 for events or something?