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    We’re proud to announce the release of our Signature Exhaust System for the BMW F8X. After
    over a year of research and development, production has begun in house and we will be
    shipping systems immediately.
    Product features include:
    Full 304 Stainless 3.5” mandrel bent piping from the downpipes back
    4” 100 cell high flow catalytic converter strategically placed. The cat has been positioned
    further towards the rear of the vehicle where exhaust velocity is lower which prevents it
    from being restrictive to exhaust flow. The converter helps dial out any raw fuel smell
    and also helps smoothen out exhaust pulses for a deeper exhaust note.
    The driver side OEM exhaust valve is retained. When the valve is closed all exhaust flow
    is routed to a straight through muffler. When the valve is opened the exhaust flow is
    allows to pass straight through to the tips.
    The Y-Pipe at the rear muffler is a true 3.5” to 3.5” Y, so there is no diameter drop
    regardless of whether or not the valve is open, this is especially important for those cars
    running high boost levels or upgraded turbos.
    Designed and manufactured here in Miami, FL.
    Brushed Stainless or Matte Black tips standard. A carbon tip option will be released in
    Spring of 2018 as an upgraded option ($350).
    15whp peak gain over a stock exhaust. As much as 70ft/lb and 30whp gains at lower
    RPMs. Gains will be amplified with higher boost levels.
    We believe this to be the most aggressively designed system on the market. It is unparalleled in
    both performance and sound and manufactured to our strict standards here at Active
    2017 Special!!

    we will offer a free carbon tip upgrade for any
    exhaust system purchases made in 2017. Carbon tips are expected to ship in Spring of 2018.
    Customers placing Signature Exhaust System orders in 2017 can select a standard tip option for
    immediate delivery, and will be shipped a set of carbon tips once available.