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AD-Engineering 650HP N54 Intercooler / CP Review

Discussion in 'N54' started by Xshadows, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Ok guys, here it is! Let me start off with my turbo setup: DocRACE 6266 Top Mount Kit - Currently on pump gas, no PI (on order). Just pump gas base map and Map 2 on the JB4.

    I will be comparing this to the VRSF 7'' Intercooler since that's what I was using prior to the switch.

    Initial impressions: Intercooler looks great! Super heavy, high quality stuff. Install made me have to modify my hot side charge pipe from the turbo to the intercooler.. but at a certain point you can't expect an intercooler to fit every kit out there.


    The AD-E Intercooler is also about 1'' bigger than the VRSF in width and about 2'' taller.


    Cons: I was using the STETT CP with Tial BOV.. just so happened to be a 2.5'' CP, needed a 3''. Not sure if I NEEDED to use the AD-E chargepipe with it, but that's what I ended up buying to make sure I had no fitment issues. With that said, not sure if this is really a "con".. just more an inconvenience on my end.

    I have attached 2 different logs to this thread. One log for the VRSF and one for the AD-E. Both are MAP 2 - 3rd gear pulls. During the logs for the VRSF intercooler it was about 40 degrees outside that day. IAT went from 42 to 48 degrees. That pull was to 6400rpm. No, that's not a lot but keep in mind this is low boost and it's cold as fuck outside. I'm sure with a few more back to back pulls, higher boost, or even if it was 60-70 degrees outside it would rise a bunch more.

    This is an old STOCK Twins log with the VRSF Intercooler during the summer. Run starts at 86 degrees and ends at 107... wooooo that's hot.
    VRSF Stock Twins.png

    Next log is from AD-E intercooler. It was 60 degrees outside.. this intercooler put in FUCKING WORK. Pull starts at 60 degrees... dips to 59... comes back to 60. Pull was to 6500rpm. Never goes above ambient!

    Final thoughts: Can't wait to get my PI installed and get Jake to dial in the tune. I will be keeping the car mostly on pump gas. I will also post more logs after I get the car dialed in.

    20161231_124629.jpg 20161231_130431.jpg 20170102_130758.jpg 20170102_130810.jpg 20170102_165433.jpg

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  2. Good review! We love the AD-e FMIC's on the shop cars. They DO put in work.
  3. Thanks Tony! Now to get the boost turned up, get PI going and get it dialed in so I can post high boost logs (or medium boost logs since it will be pump gas - hahaha)
  4. Kervio

    Kervio Private

    Truly beautiful piece! Nice to see a quality part perform like it should
  5. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    You don't happen to have any higher boost single turbo logs of the old FMIC do you?
  6. No, but I might be able to find some older stock twins logs during the summer if I look hard enough.
  7. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Ah its okay, I was just looking for any other data for comparison sake. When do you plan to put on PI?
  8. Found an old stock twins run during the summer and updated the thread. I'm waiting to see how this SHARP manifold plays out, if not possible AD-E or MOTIV PI. But who knows, I might ball out and get the EOS v2 manifold.
  9. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    My EOS v2 is getting anodized black :)

    Has meth/n20 on top, PI on bottom.
  10. Danksies

    Danksies Corporal

    Results were definitely interesting OP, grats on the win and install. Now i really want to know what the results between a VRSF 7.5" and the AD-E FMIC would be lol
  11. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54
    Nice review dude.

    I wonder who will have the balls to delete the IC and straight meth cool LOL