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AD Engineering Review

Discussion in 'Disputes | Octagon | Off-topic' started by Brule, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Brule

    Brule Private

    335i 2007 6spd manual
    This is my review after dealing with Andy Divers @AD-ENG on two different occasions one in 2016 and one current.

    December 2015 I ordered a 1000hp intercooler. I was told 2-3 week turn around.
    I asked if he could make 3 inch Inlet and outlet pipes.
    I paid for it straight away and got confirmation he could make 3 inch inlet and outlet.
    That reply was on the 31.12.2015

    I sent several emails asking if it had been made yet and has it been shipped.
    I did not receive a response back until the 30.01.2016.
    I finally got a response that he's busy and it has been shipped.

    I received the intercooler 2 weeks later which is normal shipping to Australia.
    It wasn't made with 3 inch inlet and outlets like I asked.
    That was the first purchase.

    Next purchase was this year.
    I snapped an axle at the drags and wanted a decent setup. Only strong setup is the 8.8 diff, DSS axles and the custom drive shaft he makes.

    I PMd on a forum then called Andy the next day.
    Was told a 3-4 week turnaround for the axles but had 2 diffs still available.
    This was on 26.04.2017
    I paid half on 27.04.2017
    Paid in full 17.05.2017
    Sent axles as cores 03.06.2017 (had trouble getting them out)

    Andy sent an email saying he will ship them on the 9th June.
    I requested if he could send tracking and asked it had shipped via email and by calling his workshop and leaving msgs.

    07.07.2017 I got a reply saying sorry drive shaft shop made incorrect length. He said he would ship the diff and drive shaft straight away and get drive shaft shop to ship the axles straight to me.
    After not recieving any email replies or getting back to after leaving msgs on his phone again I asked for a refund on the 25.07.2017

    Then I got an email straight back saying he sent an email last week why would I want a refund, Andy sent me a draft but did not send it from a few days earlier, it stated that he would ship it on Tuesday written on the 17th July, so I expected it all to ship the next day. I never received a tracking number or any response.

    02.08.2017 Andy sends an email saying "your 8.8 has shipped" and some else who I don't know will send me tracking.
    Yet again I don't get a response or tracking.
    This is after emailing a few times just asking if it was everything as it didn't mention what parts were sent. Saying "8.8 has shipped" isn't much information.

    I called the workshop on Andys line and someone from Horsepower Barn answered and said Andy will be in tomorrow and he'll let him know I called. My msg was Its Brendan from Australia and I'm pissed off and I want my parts.
    I made it clear in phone msgs and emails that I'm pissed off and I'm sick of excuses.
    Still no response.

    Basically Andy does not do what he promises.
    He tells you your stuff has shipped then he does not reply to you. Longest wait was around 4 weeks. On average I have been waiting 2-3 weeks for any response. Then he just emails and says he will ship it today and you don't hear from him for weeks.

    I paid Andy for this in full over 13 weeks ago. Even paid deposit 2 weeks earlier and asked how long it would take, quoted 3-4 weeks.
    This cost around $7500au and my car has been sitting there waiting for this 8.8 diff, axles and driveshaft since then.
    More importantly I have missed most of the drag racing season. There is 3 meets left, one tomorrow. Biggest car event in my town is next week.

    I really thought I would of had this kit much earlier and payed for a few events after Andy said he had shipped the kit. I paid for a drag meet on June 30th as I was told the kit was shipped, which obviously it hadn't.
    Ive also paid for an event next week which is the largest street roll racing event here for the year. I purchased early bird rates as I never thought it would ever take this long.

    I have purchased around 30-40k of parts for this car and have never dealt with someone like this. A blatant disregard for their customers, this had been shown over and over. He has been the worst person I have dealt with.

    He wil reply frequently until you pay him then he doesn't care.
    I'm yet to receive anything and have been waiting over 3 months.

    Highly recommend staying away From AD Engineering.
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    FRNTHVY Private

    Sorry to hear about your experience. I have had some really good, fast and easy transactions with Andy and I have had some that have not gone very smoothly. I think it depends on workload and the products required. I know personally that it can be easy to get screwed by vendors I use to make full offerings to customers and that put you in a tough spot. Do you blame it on the supporting vendor? Do you try to stall to buy more time for the vendor? I am not sure either is right but I do lean towards transparency and honesty.

    I am sure there is another side to this story. I hope it all works out!
  3. antiochasylum

    antiochasylum Specialist

    I've never had a problem with ADE. Always shipped on time and perfect for me.
  4. Brule

    Brule Private

    335i 2007 6spd manual
    That's good to here.

    There's a lot of people with no items including myself.

    Thread on other forum has a lot of complaints.
  5. antiochasylum

    antiochasylum Specialist

    What thread?
  6. Subaru335i

    Subaru335i New Member

    A better question is why is Andy Divers on here reading a forum when he has scammed so many people from a lot of money not delivering on promises and ghosting people he owes big time.
    Fuck that guy.
  7. AD-ENG

    AD-ENG Specialist Vendor

    I haven't fucked anyone out of their money. As of today I am for the most part caught up. I have no orders older than 3 weeks, inside their timeline, and customers are in the know.

    Get your facts straight...
  8. Brule

    Brule Private

    335i 2007 6spd manual

    I was the one that started the complaints.

    I have received my parts bar one.
    hes emailed me what's going on with the other piece.

    I think he's a dick for ignoring me but not a scammer.
  9. frontside0815

    frontside0815 Specialist

    Sorry for Offtopic, but this really isnĀ“t right:

    Then why dont you answer my friends request (from Germany) on his order, which was placed in february?!
  10. Aaron

    Aaron Sergeant

    Silver 2013 335is 6MT
    But you shipped him the wrong intercooler.

    And your entire first batch of PCV fittings were incorrectly machined. You never made this situation right. Calling an item AN-8 when it isn't even close.