Adjustable launch control via DME flash


Jan 22, 2018
So what's the current status on this?
I read from someone on the FB group that there will be 2 different solutions for LC adjustment. The cheaper version provided by MHD and a "fancy" version being developed by this person (can't remember his name).

Any updates? My car bogs awfully when using the 3500RPM Launch control as you can see in this video:


Nov 18, 2017
The MHD one I know nothing about. The fancy one is where you add m3 GWS, DSC, SZL and Kombi and possibly an M3 diff ratio so you can add M3 launch control which is adjustable via the cruise stalk. The latter is being developed by some people here in a private area of the board. The reason we made dev private is because people were trying it and it was causing other issues like shift anomalies and we thought it best to limit it to a small group while we figure it out. The guy youre talking about is @dyezak


May 4, 2017
Plano TX
Yes, I now have the M3 SZL (clockspring and cruise control stalk) installed and coded. I'm working out some VO work that needs to be done and I have some pins coming in for the M3 DSC that I'm rewiring the DSC control button on. Once that work is done (early next week?) then we can test out the fully adjustable launch control with the cruise control stalk just like the M3's have. Maybe it'll work...maybe it won't. But I have my fingers and toes crossed (as well as my eyes when I look at my bank statement hahaahahah).
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Jan 22, 2018
Well, the Fancy version sounds amazing! I really hope it works out great for all those 335i looking for a clean OEM look and performance.
I know the M3 DCT GWS doesn't look quite OEM on the 135i E82 DCT cars... So it is either doing some custom work in there or just go for the MHD solution, which in my personal case and budget I will probably go for the cheap solution. As long as I can get a great launch without bogging after releasing the break pedal I'm ok.
I hope I can finally get my car to the 11's.