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Aftermarket N54 Engine Management?

Discussion in 'N54' started by Sean Webster, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. So, I've seen some talk about there being some companies working on support for the N54, but then I see posts about it being discontinued or abandoned. I know syvecs is currently the only public option out, but it really isn't even out yet and only three ECUs that are actually in the wild...and it costs an arm, a leg, and a testicle. The biggest issue I hear is the driver for the injectors holding up the coding? To get around that I saw there was a race car that had N55 injectors machined into the N54 head, but that is drastic and who knows if AC is supported and such.

    What have you guys been hearing or seeing? Maybe this would be a good thread to keep tabs on what is coming to market and such. I know I can't wait for a standalone option so that I can finally get rid of the rediculous shift bog I get and really let my tuner have his way with everything.

    Also, just rambling out an idea... would it maybe be possible to take the stock injectors and hpfp system out of the equation and just replace the stock injectors with plugs and throw some ID2000s or something on a port plate with a full standalone system? Am I crazy to think that?
  2. 101duck

    101duck Private

    I was talking to the R&D guys for link and they have just released a 4 cylinder DI ecu. however, the injectors aren't the limitations for the fueling, it's the HPFP, so you would still need port injection of run twin HPFP like VTT does.

    And to be totally honest, as awesome as aftermarket engine management can be. It's not really that great when you look at what the factory ecu can do and how much of it is managable. The ONLY thing holding N54 tuning back is the HPFP and the TCU.

    Once they find the timing drop on gear changes and manage that, and a few other things, I wouldn't anticipate anyone would want to change to aftermarket management, as the cars systems are to intertwined to delete it all together for a factory car. And for a race car you would probably delete the DI.

    I have looked into deleting the DI and running 2400cc injectors and kicking it back to the old school. Cable throttle etc. But there really isn't much need to, once someone works out a better way to manage port injection, or a solid way to upgrade the HPFP so it can keep up. Then it really isn't a big drama.

    Unless you completely hate money, then by all means by a new motec M142 or whatever they are and go bananas.
  3. ATL-IS-N54

    ATL-IS-N54 Sergeant

    I would love a cable throttle... Wish it wasn't such a job... Throttle oscillation has been an issue
  4. Throttle oscillation is only an issue if your tune / tuner does not have the car properly tuned. These cars will never work with a throttle cable, there are too many systems tied into the throttle, and throttle modulation. Trying to tune that out via a stand alone that doesn't exist yet would be a nightmare.
  5. ATL-IS-N54

    ATL-IS-N54 Sergeant

    yeah i figured as much... wishful thinking... "too many" is an undertatement