Analyzing MHD Logs with Excel (Compare RPM/s + N54 Compressor Map)

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    My motivation to create those spreadsheet was to be able to see if my tune changes actually improve performance of the car. Guess Virtual Dyno does an OK job at that too, but I was looking for a way to get more consistent results despite the bad traction (winter, cold, small tires, ...).

    My solution is to average the RPM pickup across several logs (up to 5 baseline + 5 new logs).

    Second tool provided in the spreadsheet is drawing matching your log to the N54 compressor map. Additionally boost and VE can be adjusted to see impact of changing those values.

    To load your log values got to the Base x / New x sheets, click "Refresh" and select your log file.

    The compressor map will use data from "New 1" by default, but you can adjust that as well as pressure drop of your FMIC and adjusted values in the "Compressor Data" sheet.
    What actually was quite surprising to me: The 3.5 PSI pressure drop I have with my current FMIC without considering that my Wagner clone is probably worse than the Wagner...

    Some teasers:




    Hope it is useful for some of you, because I wasted way too much time learning things about Excel I never planned to learn.

    Quite likely I will add some updates in future:
    • Fix messed up calculations )not that I am aware of anything right now)
    • Show difference in RPM pickup between base / new.
    • Assess quality of log data.
    • Display additional logged data in the charts.
    • Calculate actual torque / power.

    In case you want to tinker or check the calculations: There is a bunch of hidden sheets that do all the ugly stuff.

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    Great stuff. The MMP Stage 3's use a GT28 compressor map if im not mistaken. This could be adapted for that as well.
  3. all4bspinnin

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    135i TT
    I've been building a vanos optimization spreadsheet based on turbo, manifold, boost, etc. Im not done with it yet but perhaps you'd like to help or add it to what you have?
  4. impuls

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    '07 335i
    If you or somebody else is interested I can give it a try. Just need a log to make sure data points inserted correctly.

    Definitely sounds interesting, VANOS is something I was planning to play with in my own tune too.

    What kind of calculations you have in mind to help with VANOS optimization?
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    Do you have a pre and post intercooler boost gauge? How are you accounting for the 3.5psi pressure drop from your intercooler?