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Sep 18, 2017

APEX 18” FL-5 & SM-10 Group Buy
Save up to $300 OFF a set plus free shipping*, tire mounting & balancing
We originally introduced our newest FL-5 & SM-10 designs through a pre-order style Group Buy, which required at least 80 buyers to get the highest discount tier. Since we’re nearing the end of track season, we’ve dramatically reduced the max tier requirement to just 40. This will be the last 18” Group Buy of the year, so this is a great chance to get a jump on next season when everyone else is rushing to get wheels and the discount tiers are harder to reach.

Once this deal reaches the payment phase, we recommend getting your pledge in as early as possible. Doing so gives you priority for size and finish availability since we fulfill orders in chronological order. It also creates the momentum needed to reach the top discount tiers. This system in no way rewards watching the deal and joining late.

Say Hello to New Fitments and Finishes
Our initial release was limited to the most popular 18” sizes and finishes, but we’re excited to introduce more Satin Black options, and new fitments. Check out what's new below:

Now Offered in Satin Black:
  • FL-5 18x8.5” ET35
  • SM-10 18x9.5” ET35

New Fitments (All finishes available):
  • FL-5 18x11” ET44
  • SM-10 18x10” ET33
  • SM-10 18x9.5” ET22
  • SM-10 18x10.5” ET22



Wheel & Tire Bundles are available with this group buy.


Add tires with your group buy wheel order and get Free tire mounting and balancing by our trusted enthusiast technicians. We use high-end, touchless equipment and inspect every wheel and tire combo thoroughly before they leave our warehouse. Popular Michelin & BFGoodrich street & track tires are available.

Thinking about waiting to join until your discount is hit? Don’t do that!
We always recommend getting your pledge in as early as possible. The system in no way rewards watching the deal and joining late. The whole purpose of the pledge system is to allow you to join with confidence and security even within the first minute of the deal accepting payment. You’ll never have to pay more than you’re willing to—even if you’re the first participant. Pledging during the payment phase is risk free!




I want to know more about APEX wheels. Where can I learn more about them?
All APEX wheels are highly regarded and fully verified with official JWL and VIA certifications for every single size and offset. We created these wheels to inspire confidence during track days, race events, and everyday driving. Click here to learn everything about APEX wheels. The quality of information is worth your time!

What’s different about our Group Buy?
Joining Group Buy deals via forums is traditionally a very manual process. Since our deals have grown so large over time, we are working with a new tool to organize these deals in a single, well organized location. This deal is entirely managed on where you can pay, follow, and even discuss the deal’s status.

How do I participate?
Visit the official Deal Dashboard on From there, you can show your interest by joining our feeler list. You’ll receive an email reminder when the deal officially opens. When the deal is live and accepting payments, you can complete checkout and pay for your order from the same page. All product details, member participants, and discussions can be found on that Dashboard.

What if I have some questions?
No problem! Just contact us at [email protected]. Please avoid sending us Private Messages as they do not automatically go into our ticketing system and will experience a delay for responses.

Want to see how they look?

View our FL-5 Flickr Gallery here.

View our SM-10 Flickr Gallery here.
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Sep 18, 2017
One of our favorite photos of a customer 3 series with SM-10 wheels.

18x9" ET30 SM-10 wheels in anthracite
255/35/18 Continental ExtremeContact Sport Tires
Bilstein B12 Suspension w/ M3 Control Arms and Front Anti-Roll Bar
-1.3* camber up front / -2.3* camber in rear

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Sep 18, 2017
We just got these photos from Turner Motorsport, 335i with 18" FL-5 wheels.

18x9" ET30 FL-5 Wheels in anthracite
245/40-18 Nexen N5000 Tires

18x10" ET25 FL-5 Wheels in anthracite
275/35-18 Nexen N5000 Tires

Bilstein B14 PSS Coilovers
ECS F30 M Performance Big Brake Retrofit




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Sep 18, 2017
The APEX 18" FL-5 & SM-10 Wheel Group Buy is almost over. This deal is only 12 members away from reaching our maximum $300 off discount. This includes free shipping in the US and free tire mounting & balancing if you add tires.

Give us a call or PM with any wheel/tire fitment questions, we're always happy to help!

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