B58 stock turbo World Record

Discussion in 'B58, B48, B38' started by Victor440i, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Victor440i

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    BMW 440i M Package
    I believe we have set the NEW world record from Puerto Rico with 475whp and 502 tq with jb4, intake, downpipe, e20 mix and the cables (FF/EWG). Stock turbo and no meth. Jb4 Version7 - Map 6 - Dynojet

  2. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
    Excellent! Any plans to go to the drag strip?
  3. Victor440i

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    BMW 440i M Package
    Yes, i will try to see if next week we'll hit the strip. My plan now is search a good tire because i have the factory RF on haha
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  4. Zebaztian7

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    West Texas
    2011 E92 335i xDrive
    Looking good!
  5. So how were you able to get around the fuel issue. The jb4 able to do that now with flex fuel wires? This motor may be my next purchase and I'm loving the results so far. Good stuff!
  6. antiochasylum

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    Awesome! Nice work.
  7. Streetz65

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    the b58 is for sure putting in some work!