Best N54 Tuner


Nov 20, 2017
V8bait can be in the 2 week plus range for a revision depending on when you catch him. I think for my next tune, I am going to book dyno time to get it dialed in. Hard to make time for all of the data logs and it really drags the process out


Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
Everyone that is good will tell you that they want tune on street before dyno cause dyno loads car diff and our cars dme eliminates benefits of dyno. Main reason afaik is because we don't run close to mbt for max power anyway so we dont really have risk of to much timing as we would be having corrections out the ass before started losing power from to much timing. I might be wrong but made sense to me and like I said I multiple times have been told this and even just rescheduled my friday appointment because my car wasnt dialed in yet so now I am going to make another appointment.