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Best way to find oil leaks?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Tweedle335, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Everyone knows the N54 leaks oil commenly, and I have this problem. I don't exactly have the money (at the moment) to take it to a shop to get it checked out and then have to pay for the repair. Is there any good way to find out if it's leaking from the oil pan gasket, the valve cover gasket, or the filter gasket? Thanks!
  2. Yes simply by looking at those 3 components because they are in 3 separate locations so you would be able to tell what one the oil is comming from. I would start with the ofh first cause it is the easiest one to leak also to determine if is leaking.just check for fresh wet oil not the dirty dry oil.vale cover gasket I would check the rear really good it seems to be a more common spot to leak also to determine if leaking you could also check the immediate proximity parts that would be effected by oil spatter. Those 3 parts are complete different vicinity so you could tell where the oil is comming from also easy job to replace for the even somewhat competent dyi.er
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  3. Oil pan gasket takes quite a bit of work. You have to drop the subframe to replace it.
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  4. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    General rule of thumb in my opinion w. the N54 is start from the top, and work your way down.

    That being said the VCG, and OFHG are generally very easy to see visible leaks if its in poor enough condition.
  5. I personally say clean it all off and check afterwards. Like others said the most common is the oil filter housing gasket and the Valve cover gasket. You can also google UV die for oil and use that. I have used that on old projects before.
  6. gingerbreadman

    gingerbreadman New Member

    What do you see when you pop your hood open. I'm just trying to rule out the OFHG. If you see oil splattered on the underside of your hood, it is definitely your OFHG. The oil hits the serpentine belt as it drips from a bad OFHG and when the belt spins, it splatters on the underside of your hood. This should narrow it down for you a bit. Good luck.