Bimmer Performance Center Built M57 thread


Oct 18, 2016
I am very far from reaching your level of preparation
but we know that the cp3 r90 is not enough when you want to reach 480/500 HP
there is a lot of information on the turbos my almost nothing on the fuel system
I think to replace my low pressure pump in the tank by a pump type "walbro 450"
I would like to improve my R90 but I do not know how to do it
I will try to find an R110 and see if I can recover some internal elements
(sorry for my sentences that must not be very clear, I use a translator ... Sorry sorry)
Wow, how cool must it be to take a drive around your island?!?

Sorry, back on topic.
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Nov 28, 2018
reunion island
Wow, how cool must it be to take a drive around your island?!?
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Sorry, back on topic.
there is a part of the island that has roads (fast) but with lots of police checks
late at night it's very nice
it is the part of the north towards the south while passing by the west
there is another part called "wild" which is slower because we go through small roads that pass through small villages
it's the southern part going north through the east
the payasages are beautiful here