BMW 1M YCW Dry-Carbon Driveshaft from MFactory review

With the new YCW driveshaft and plazmaman manifold we picked up 5 mph on the drag strip tonight and the shaft handled everything the
car threw at it, one of the best mods period, hurry guys and get it before the discount finishes.

You wont regret it, I know I don't.


Apr 19, 2017
Another day of torturing this drive shaft and if it didn't break today it never will.

Bloody brilliant piece of engineering by YCW and @MFactory.

Car is so smooth and quiet and far less clunky.

You really have to experience the before and after to appreciate it.
I have no idea where to get one for 335i...and if any special pricing exists.
If he puts an m3 complete diff cradle and arms he will have a near indestructible rear end with all the arms and stuff that people normally upgrade to.

If you have a dct the m3 fitment should fit but you would have to measure it up but I think it should.

Anyway mfactory is making shafts for these that have m3 rear ends in the future.
We cranked the power up to 387rwk on dyno Dynamics dyno so around 519hp or around 622 to 650 dyno jet hp.

The driveshaft has no issues coping with the power delivery and lights up the michelins sports cup 2"s with ease at the slightest hint of boost.

I was really sceptical at first but it hasn't let me down yet.

Hope more fitments come soon myself, need a 135 auto to m3 diff for our single turbo setup to really turn up the heat.
So took the 1m to the drag strip a few times this month and keep torturing this driveshaft and other products to test their longevity.

With winter basically over and they are predicting we are going to get one of the hottest summers on record, its going to be interesting.

So far we have threw everything at this driveshaft and it just keeps going, staging burouts, drag racing, skidpan day, track days you name it and most likely we tested it.

No issues thus far.

Here is a timeslip and a dyno chart to prove this thing its getting put through its paces and not being babied, I'm absolutely punishing this thing when ever I can.

Stock power output on this dyno is around 217 rwk


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