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Discussion in 'BMW General' started by ATL-IS-N54, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. ATL-IS-N54

    ATL-IS-N54 Sergeant

    whats your favorite / best place to order Orgional parts for these machines? I've been using bavauto/partsgeek/ecstuning and between those I've gotten just about any and everything I need... I'll probly need coils soon and was wondering what other people are doing for original parts? Partsgeek and bavauto have been my mains for 13 years of BMW owning...
    I remember someone posting a link, I think on FB or here, where they claim of some coil pack deal from some BMW wholesaler, and remember it was a great deal And a vendor I hadn't heard of... So let's share our parts sources with each other... You can put your mods sources too if you want to, but Orgional parts source is the intention here.... Thanks for your input

    Mine are:



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  2. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    Since this is my daily, I isually need parts in a pinch and can't wait/won't pay for overnight shipping. Napa can get my parts within a few hours of me inquiring. Not the cheapest but very useful. Other than that I'll go to bmw or advance auto parts

    Advance Auto Parts
  3. klooney

    klooney Specialist

    Armando Diaz on facebook, best prices on BMW parts I've found
  4. ATL-IS-N54

    ATL-IS-N54 Sergeant

    FCPeuro.com is on the list for quality service and warranty, prices are the same or sometimes higher... There are people's favorites for each part,... Say if I want brake pads I'll go to bavauto... Bushings and control
    Rods partsgeek...

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  5. Blaster3500

    Blaster3500 Specialist

    I have started buying all my stuff from FCP euro. I wish I would have from the beginning. Lifetime warranty and will price match.
  6. TurboMike

    TurboMike Corporal

    I can get you some good deals from fcpeuro. Fcp has probably the best warranty you'll find anywhere and they hold true to it.
  7. R.G.

    R.G. Sergeant

    Henderson, NV
    E92 N54, F02 N54

    Getbmwparts.com for OEM

    Amazon prime / ebay usually have a lot of smaller distrubutors that have competitive prices

    If it's a lot of cash I'll usually hit up Mike at Xph
  8. zero2sixtyZ

    zero2sixtyZ Private

    Boston, MA
    E92 335i
    +1 for FCPEuro - price match + warranty

    Add in Amazon, Rockauto, etc...
  9. ATL-IS-N54

    ATL-IS-N54 Sergeant

    Amazon.de for the hard to get GERMAN parts like high flow cats and stuff... Need to be able (or browser be able) to translate GERMAN...
  10. Mike @ XPH

    Mike @ XPH Corporal Vendor

    We're better known for aftermarket parts but we do offer OE parts as well
  11. I use RM European for some small stuff too. Usually get my intake manifold gaskets for all the walnut blasting jobs I do. Good prices and super fast shipping.