BMW X-Drive Front LSD Differential


Nov 7, 2016
Toledo Ohio
I'm acquiring a front diff from another 2011 335xi AT e90. Any use for sending it in, or should I just see if it's bolted/welded? @MFactory

I think there was some confusion over whether the n55s were different (I still doubt they are) but this should put that to bed.
I think the only thing they may need sent in is a 3.08 bolted and/or welded. @Twisted Tuning already sent in a welded 3.46 and I'm going to send in a bolted 3.46.

Edit: I just saw mfactory's reply. Does no harm.


Mar 22, 2018
Actually it can. Setting up a machine to produce a batch of something is one of the most time consuming parts of doing the manufacturing.

Because of this, each different ratio we ask for costs a significant amount, and the only way to mitigate this cost is to buy in volume (let the machine make a bunch once its setup) so asking for additional ratios is likely a no go I'd bet.
o ok. I didn’t know. Well they are alreadygoing to have to make 2 different ones for at and mt right?


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Feb 15, 2020
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