VA/NC/DC BOOST CREW MAYHEM 1.0 in Virginia Beach, VA May 4th - 6th 2018

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    BOOST CREW MAYHEM 1.0 May 4th - 6th 2018
    VA/NC/DC N54 N55 Boost Crew

    Start planning now for our first official Boost Crew meet. Really excited to see some new cars and meet some new faces. As always we are open to suggestions and here to answer any questions. I will update this post as required.

    Currently working with a couple hotels in Virginia Beach area close to picnic/BBQ site to see if we can get a discounted rate for the people traveling out of the area.

    Dyno Day 25 slots for 3 pulls @ $50. AWD Dynojet non-linked drums.

    Here's a timeline of the events as planned currently.

    ******May 4th******

    - Evening 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM
    -We will be heading to Hertford, NC to Northeast Dragway for some Friday Night 1/8th mile Test n Tune. This is one of the most relaxed tracks in the area. On the way, there is usually a nice little cruise with a couple of mile long straight aways. [​IMG];) I understand not everyone may be able to make this event as some might be driving in late to get into hotels and such. But address is there in case anyone wants to come out anyway. The day of I will make a post for roll out time and location.
    Driver and car is $20 to race.
    Spectators are $12 each.

    ******May 5th******

    - Morning time from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    - DYNO DAY 3 Pulls for $50 is the going rate provided by All Aspects Motorsports on 136 Tilden Ave, Chesapeake, VA 23320-3924.
    - 10 car minimum 25 car maximum.

    757 has a few E-85 pumps for those who need it. Just ask and we will help you find them.
    We will be giving out trophies for this event later in the day. Categories consist of:
    Highest HP Stock Twins(N54) / Stock Turbo(N55)
    Highest HP Upgraded Twins
    Highest HP Single Turbo
    Highest HP Overall - Chance to walk away with 2 trophies here.

    1. Adam Dean
    2. Corey Williams
    3. Evan MilIett
    4. Ken Nelson
    5. Hassan Rogers
    6. Cory Cale
    7. Ryan Grimm
    8. Flexx Up
    9. Jazper Cevidanez
    10. Aaron Scott
    11. Michael Mc Fear Son
    12. Nick Prescott
    13. Josh Ayer
    14. Jacob Pocock
    15. Justin White
    16. Billy Orton
    17. Adrian Francis
    18. Zach Tucker
    19. Kenneth Eleonora
    20. Manpreet Nijjar
    21. Joey Ellington
    22. Edwin Cuencas
    23. Aj Hoti
    24. Jake Hershorin

    -Afternoon 2:00 PM - Park closes or we decide to leave.

    - Picnic / BBQ / Trophy Ceremonies
    Red Wing Park 1398 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    We have reserved a park shelter that will be exclusively for us the entire day. There is a bathroom on site, baseball fields, kids park area, dog park, plenty of parking, grills on site that we will be using, will bring some music as well. We will meet here and after we eat and socialize a bit we will do a community vote for 2 more trophies.

    Best in Show
    Lemon in Show

    We can get some really good photos here at the park and the park is a huge circle road so we can get a really good slow roll video here.
    If we get done here a little early we can ride down to the beach for a little cruise through the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Get some good cruising video action on the way.

    - Evening 9:00 PM - Whenever.
    - Mexico Time. This section is self explanatory. LoL Those who wish to participate I will give the location of where the locals meet and you guys and girls can hand out gap sauce as desired.

    ******May 6th******

    - 9:00 AM Breakfast - Location TBD

    - Time to say good bye to those who traveled out of the area to us. We will meet up for one final group shot and some good food.
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    7 spots left for the dyno...
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    Only 1 Dyno spot left....