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Borg warner s363 sxe + JpWorkz = ???

Discussion in 'N54' started by Bigdaddyaaron, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    I'll be starting install on the 10th of Nov. Car is an 08 e90. End goal is 700whp on e85 and 500whp on 93.

    Please give any advice on install if you got em! will be on a lift
    Mods so far:
    -Jb4 + MHD
    -BMS Oil catch can
    -NGK plugs
    -Dual Cone Intakes
    -VRSF Chargepipe with HKS
    -VRSF Downpipes
    -VRSF 7"
    -Spec stage 3+
    -Spec aluminum FW
    -ADE Engine mounts
    -Rouge Engineering Trans mounts
    -Diff lockdown
    -Whiteline rear subframe inserts​

    To do:
    -Wrap hotparts
    -order more heat management stuffs
    -buy fluids
    -buy an engine bay engine hoist​

    Current problems:
    -Need a new LPFP pressure sensor
    Foreseen ass chafing install frustrations:
    -Removing oem turbo lines
    -Hood most likely will not close b/c of huge BW compressor housing​

    Here's a bunch of random pictures lol. I'm terrible with photo-documentation
    trans fluid.jpg fluid change machine.jpg motor mount 2.jpg motor mount.jpg OEM motor mount.jpg

    UPDATE November 13, 2016:

    Firstly I would like to say fuck working on the exhaust side of this car. Huge pain in the ass. Not as bad once the stock turbos are out but still... terrible.

    I was able to get all the hot parts and turbo mocked up to check fitment. It's tight as fuck. Like really tight. Having this huge ass Borg Warner doesn't help things at all. I can't tell you how many times i wished i had went with precision while fitting it.

    The compressor housing is too big to rotate the outlet at an acceptable angle without rubbing the front dumptube. Since the turbine housing has plenty of room between the shock tower I'm going to put a second flange on the manifold as a spacer to bring the compressor housing a little further away from the valve cover. You can see what I'm talking about in the pictures:

    [​IMG] - Mocked up without engine mount
    [​IMG] [​IMG] - Compressor outlet hitting valve cover and wastegate

    [​IMG] [​IMG] - Mocked up with engine mount and downpipe clearance

    Hood will not close so I'll have to figure that out as well. Looks bad ass, and gets a lot of attention in the shop lol.
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  2. Excited to see results. Cutting the hood?

    That contraption for pumping gear oil is great.
  3. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    HAH, just noticed that. Nice!
  4. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    I really really really hope I don't have too, but I will if needed. My idea was to vent the hood in that area but have some sort of bolt on cover on top for when it rains/snows.

    And yeah that pump is excellent
  5. In for results and pics. i plan on getting the jp kit.
  6. Abacus38

    Abacus38 Sergeant

    Tampa/Orlando, FL
    2007 Ti Ag 335i
    Dopeness! I think the SXE line up is the best bang for buck single turbo out there. If I had the money to build my motor I would be looking at picking up the 369 SXE and push 40+psi lol
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  7. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    2008 ST 335i
    My 5862 hits my hit with the jp kit, good luck.
  8. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    Do you have an e92?
  9. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    Thanks. Yeah, this line def seems like the best bang for buck. Also the precision turbos seem a little too shifty in terms of reliability for me (go figure, after buying a jpworkz kit lol)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2016
  10. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    Started install yesterday. Things went relatively smooth. Got the coolant feed off the block as well as the oil returns. Just need to figure out the oil feed and other coolan lines on the turbos and they will be ready to come out.

    I upon starting I found out I didn't have a tow hook for the engine support -_______- . So I wasted a lot of time trying to finagle an alternate lift point (to no avail). I'm on a lift, so I ended up putting a stand under the oil pan and worked from there.
    Anxious to see the manifold mounted up! Will update with more pics on Saturday. Time to sell these downpipes!
  11. Good work sir, I would suggest making a small heat shield. If you look right below the valve cover there are like 5 bolt holes to mount it. I personally got some thin aluminum, shaped it, then wrapped it with a Sheet of DEI. These cars have enough valve cover leaking issues without adding that extra heat to make the gasket brittle coupled with the extra boost. This will protect your valve cover and wires from heat. Good luck with the install and keep us updated.
  12. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    Thanks I think I'll do the heat shield for sure. Time to pick up some aluminum sheet!

    Side note: Just looked at DocRace's heat shield and they want $95 for it... wtf?!?!? Its Literally 1 bend and 4 holes. It's stainless, but still waaayyyyyyy rapey
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  13. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    2008 ST 335i
    You could always buy a vargas mini air filter for a fair price of $199. I'd take the $95 shield first, lol.
  14. As always people pay for what's easy. For those margins I might start making some...lol. I personally think every single turbo kit should have a heat shield for the valve cover and for the A/C line near the fire wall. Both are needed.
  15. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Remember guys, we are not a high volume platform. There is a LOT of talk that goes on. Some people's give a fuck-o-meter isn't high enough to make a couple bucks on a new part. If they are going to make a new part, they want to make some loot. Otherwise, the option just won't exist.
  16. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    Ill pass on that lol. I'm guessing that since it's billet it's a bit more $$. I'd like to see it fully dis-assembled.
    I've been meaning to learn how to weld so that I could make some simple parts and undercut the big names.
    I can't really speak much on the valve cover breather since I'm not too familiar on the workings of a proper one, but that pricing on heat shield from Docrace is completely disgusting.
  17. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    op updated

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  18. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Top mounts sure are pretty. I just can't justify all the issues I can foresee due to heat over time.
  19. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    This is true. insulating and shielding are a major thing to tackle, but I think that It will be worth it. That being said, as soon as an affordable bottom mount solution is available *AHEM STEEDSPEED/SPA*, I will most likely make the switch
  20. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    I guess it just depends on what you'd consider affordable. I'm curious what steed can bring, but he's taken too long for me. I've already chosen a path :)