Brake Question


Jul 22, 2018
Northern California
Ok so I just changed my break pads on all 4 wheels a few weeks back, maybe a lil more than a month ago, I can say its been maybe 500-700 miles on the new pads and the front right pad has already began to squeak sometimes, mostly when the breaks get warm and usually under light breaking but what im wondering is if this is normal or if I should check my rotors again because the guy may have been wrong and they could be eating up my pads? or check my pads maybe the way they were set caused them to wear prematurely? Sometimes it wont just make the nosie while breaking it will make it during a turn but very quickly, I can post a video if anyone needs me to clarify anything.

The Convert

Jun 4, 2017
First, it's brakes, not breaks.

Second, NEVER put new pads on rotors that haven't been resurfaced or replaced.


Jul 22, 2018
Northern California
lol your right you got me there tho I think it may have been more auto-correct than my own doing.Also, I thought that at one time but everyone I was around who I tried to have help me look said they looked fine to them so more off there advice than my own knowledge did I put the new pads on used rotors. when I can afford to I plan on fixing them the right way and until then I am just trying to not put much driving on them if I don't have to.


Jan 7, 2017
Check out one of my favorite YouTube channels that deals with a number of issues, including squeaky brakes:


Sep 19, 2018
Did you properly bed the brakes after you changed the pads? if not start there

also this
Brake Squeal from Pad Wear Sensor
E82, E88 (1 Series) up to 12/08
E90, E91, E92, E93 (3 Series) up to 12/08
E60, E61 (5 Series) up to 5/09
E63, E64 (6 Series) up to 5/09
E65, E66 (7 Series) up to 2/07
E70 (X5) up to 1/09
E71 (X6) up to 1/09
Depending on the driving conditions, the occasional brake squeak and/or squeal is normal. The conditions listed in this bulletin occurs during all light to moderate brake applications and is caused by contact between the brake pad wear sensor and the brake rotor/disc. This situation can occur on the front or rear axle brakes.

The geometry of the brake wear sensor, combined with individual driving habits, can result in a particular wear pattern which causes a squeaking and/or squealing noise whenever the brakes are applied with light to
moderate force.

Road test the vehicle to determine the source of the noise. If the noise is coming from the brake system,inspect the brake pad wear sensor of the affected axle. If the sensor is in contact with the rotor/disc, remove the sensor and drive the vehicle.
If the noise is not eliminated, further diagnosis is required to determine the cause of the noise. If the noise is eliminated, replace the brake pads and wear sensor of the affected axle.


Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
Under light use sounds like some anti squeal will fix and or check condition of retaining clips .If that fails drill a small hole and put pencil lead in it . The graphite acts as light lube while also giving you a relief hole. This is advice from someone who listens to radio when parked to tweak EQ and listen for NEC upgrades then drives away with radio off and windows cracked to try to find something wrong to add to my car punch list. It's a disease , some worry about nvh I worry about BPA barely perceptible anything.