CIC Combox Retrofit Harness


New Member
Jun 9, 2017
Anyone selling, or know where I can get, a complete PnP combox retrofit harness for TCU only?


Oct 18, 2016
May be the best guide out but where the fuck was it when I was looking? :p
I guess that depends on when you were going at it :)

It does skim over the other configurations a bit but the pinouts are listed and I believe they are very accurate. There is a thread on bimmerforums or somewhere else, and the guide there is completely inaccurate. There was a PDF floating around by an actual company, it may have been bavauto or someone like that. Their pin info was accurate and I used some of that to complete some of my tables. Sadly, I actually sold this setup before coding it in as I got an Avin unit instead so I ended up glossing over the last portion of the guide. The good news, I'm told the harness I made ended up working, so at least I know I did it right.

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